Tuesday, June 12, 2018

May Dreams Come True

Interview with Mariska Hargitay
TV Insider; June 5, 2018
From Isabel's Twitter

What about Chris Meloni (Happy) returning for a guest spot as Elliot Stabler for the 20th anniversary season? Fans have loved you two together since day one. 
-I don’t know anything, but I think SVU is going to go on for a while. He’s on a show right now and he’s super ‘happy’ — literally — he’s happy, I’m happy. I’ll speak for myself: I think it would be fun to have 'one last hurrah.’

And what about also seeing, as Elliot often referred to his family, 'Kathy and the kids’?
-I would love to see Kathy and the kids! Let me thank you [for that suggestion]. I’m going to work on Kathy and the kids! In real-life, [Isabel Gillies, who plays Kathy] is one of my best friends.

Note from me: I have been begging and nagging to Mariska and SVU TPTB on twitter for 8 years!!!!!