Tuesday, August 16, 2016

From Actress to Doctor

From August 2012
The late John Kanzius enjoyed a meaningful job in broadcasting, starting as the chief engineer at WJET-TV at age 22 and rising to become president and general manager. Now Kanzius is remembered for his invention that targets cancer cells with radio waves. Kanzius wasn't a medical researcher, but his ability to use his intellect and imagination to switch gears, from radio engineer to inventor, is meaningful to everyone seeking an alternative, noninvasive treatment for cancer.
Broderick changed direction at a much earlier age than Kanzius, who died in 2009 at age 64. At age 10, she was hired for a commercial. She then worked for 13 years in films, ads and soap operas, eventually landing the role of Maureen, the daughter of star Christopher Meloni, on L&O. "As a kid, it was all play and fun," she says about the acting business. "As an adult, it's an extremely competitive business. It's still fun, but you have to say, 'There is a level of success I may never achieve.'"