Saturday, October 19, 2013

Surrender Benson (season 15)

Olivia was abducted at gunpoint, assaulted by William Lewis, a rapist who Olivia arrested earlier and was acquitted, for a couple of days.
William Lewis: What's that look? Are you feeling sad? Thinking about someone? Mom...Dad...Boyfriend? No, huh? Someone else...someone who you could give anything to see just 1 more time. You're gonna cry his name out at some point. They always do. Well, just try to put him out of your mind, okay?
Olivia managed to free herself and beat William with the iron bed post and handcuffed him to the bed. She was wondering if she should kill him?
Olivia: ...My old partner, he'd know what to do. He wouldn't questioned himself after what you've done. He would kick your teeth in, break your legs, break your arms, break your back, break your face. Maybe I should call him. Maybe I should get him to use that metal bar on you...huh? And maybe you beg for for your life
William suddenly "wakes up" growling at her. She yelps and held her gun to him
William Lewis: Then do it. Do something. Please God, that speech, that's the saddest thing I ever heard in my life...
Olivia: Shut up
William Lewis: Your partner would know what to do. I would know what to do, and you just stand there wondering what to do. That old partner of yours-- well he sounds very macho, doesn't he
Olivia: No
William Lewis: It must've been tough for you- all those long nights in the car.
Olivia: You don't get to talk about him
William Lewis: Did he ever do you? He did, didn't he? You still want him. I can hear it in your voice. You're all bottled up
Eventually Olivia started to beat William until he got unconscious before the SVU squad discovered her whereabouts.

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