Monday, May 20, 2013

Season 13 Shorts

Educated Guess
Detective Nick Amaro wanted to tear off a suspect's head off for raping his niece over and over again for many years.
Olivia: My old partner, he...there were a few times he came pretty close

Theatre Tricks
Detective Amanda Rollins wasn't so sure how any woman can trust a guy while furious over a rape case
Olivia: I trusted my partner

Justice Denied
Olivia met with her friend, defense attorney Baynard Ellis about a past rape case
Baynard: I've heard about your old partner. IAB had a deep file on him. He wasn't a stranger to threats, coercion, --
Olivia: This wasn't his interrogation. Munch and Fin took the first shift and I took the last 9 hours

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