Monday, May 20, 2013

Payback (Season 1; Pilot)

Elliot was testifying in court against Mr. Kloster, who was accused of flashing two women- who were Elliot's neighbors. Elliot requested to be in Special Victims because he thought sex should be one of the best parts in life, not the worst
Elliot: I do see myself as a father of 4 children, none of whom I'd liked exposed to Mr. Kloster's 'shortcomings'
Mr. Kloster got offended and flashed the court, sealing his fate.
Elliot and Kathy were at the parent-teacher conference for one of their daughters (Elizabeth). Kathy was a little concern that she was writing her letters backwards as her sisters never went through that. Elliot's cell phone rang- it was Olivia who told him that she spoke to one of the suspects when she wasn't supposed to.

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