Monday, May 20, 2013

Olivia on Her Own

TV Guide; February 2012 with SVU's Executive Producer Warren Leight
Will Benson's New Relationship Last?
And now you've got Olivia in a new relationship with Harry Connick, Jr. Why was now the time?
I always thought that as long as Elliot was her partner, she had the perfect excuse to not be in a real relationship. This was a guy whose values were completely in sync with hers. They were a perfect team, and he emotionally supported her. So if you're afraid of being in a truly intimate relationship with a man, this was the perfect thing because you have everything you could want, but he's married with five kids

Hoffington Post; February 2012 with Harry Connick, Jr.
I know that you said that you were obsessed with the show, so I'm sure that there were many fans who wanted Elliot and Olivia together. Were you a big fan of Benson and Stabler?
The thing about their relationship is that it was an impossibility. You always wanted it to work and for it to happen, but you knew it wasn't because he was married and they loved each other in a different kind of way. It's interesting to see how she's sort of breaking down a little bit and letting David into her emotional circle because that was once a place she really only let Elliot into. It's fun to be that guy.

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