Monday, May 20, 2013

Affection: Season 12

Gray- Elliot was never a frat boy and recalled meeting Kathy more romantic than John's recollection of the story 'over a keg'. Kathy remembered wanting to kiss Elliot but was scared. Meanwhile it had taken 3 beers for Elliot to work up a nerve to say Hello. He went over to kiss her until Kathleen entered in, interrupting.
Pop- Elliot sat on Eli's bed and stared at him, who was still awake. Kathy came in, smiled and left them alone

Bang- Elliot told Ken Turner (who had 47 children) that he had 5 children only with his wife and thought having more babies with Olivia was sick thinking.
Delinquent- Elliot and Kathy were sleeping. Elliot's arm was on Kathy until his cell phone rang. He didn't want her to answer but she did so; it was Olivia. While Kathy chatted, Elliot wanted to hold her hand until she snuggled up to him

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