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Payback (Season 1; Pilot)

Elliot was testifying in court against Mr. Kloster, who was accused of flashing two women- who were Elliot's neighbors. Elliot requested to be in Special Victims because he thought sex should be one of the best parts in life, not the worst
Elliot: I do see myself as a father of 4 children, none of whom I'd liked exposed to Mr. Kloster's 'shortcomings'
Mr. Kloster got offended and flashed the court, sealing his fate.
Elliot and Kathy were at the parent-teacher conference for one of their daughters (Elizabeth). Kathy was a little concern that she was writing her letters backwards as her sisters never went through that. Elliot's cell phone rang- it was Olivia who told him that she spoke to one of the suspects when she wasn't supposed to.

Christopher Meloni's Favorite Episodes

"I enjoyed working with Ellen Burstyn who plays my mother. I think it was kinda enlightening as to why I operate the way I operate"

"I enjoyed when I had a confession with Mary Stuart Masterson about my relationship with my father. So I guess, you know, those moments where my character gets to shed a little light on what makes him the way he is"

Great Casting!

None of the actors are related in real life, but to make the Stabler family realistic, it worked!
I especially think that the casting between Isabel and Erin is remarkable as mother-and-daughter because they do look an awfully a lot alike. Kudos to the casting director for that!

There's also strong resemblance with Christopher and Isabel with Allison (Kathleen), Jeffrey (Dickie), Patricia (Elizabeth) and the little actor who played Eli who had Isabel's color of blonde hair. Even the casting of Ellen Burstyn as Elliot's mother was a great looking casting as she too is blonde so it ran in the family. Having blue eyes didn't hurt either!

The Stabler Family Home

72-12 Castleside Street
Glennoaks, Queens, New York

From seasons 1 to 3, the inside of the Stabler home was in the studio (as well as other seasons- 5, 8, 9, 10, and 12) but the 'blueprint' had changed over the years. Some episodes in seasons 7, 8, 9,  10 and 11 were filmed on location(s), borrowing some houses- some used repeatedly.

In season 6, Kathy, Maureen, Kathleen, Dickie and Elizabeth moved out of the family home to Kathy's mother's home while Elliot remained

Sometime in season 7, Elliot moved into an apartment- mostly featured in season 8. Kathy and the children must've moved back to the family home. During the separation, Elliot did not like to go home because it was empty. He would spend his nights at the crib at work.

Maureen moved out sometime during seasons 7 and 8. Elliot moved back home between seasons 8 and 9. Eli was born and by season 10, Kathleen moved out for college.

Season 13 Shorts

Educated Guess
Detective Nick Amaro wanted to tear off a suspect's head off for raping his niece over and over again for many years.
Olivia: My old partner, he...there were a few times he came pretty close

Theatre Tricks
Detective Amanda Rollins wasn't so sure how any woman can trust a guy while furious over a rape case
Olivia: I trusted my partner

Justice Denied
Olivia met with her friend, defense attorney Baynard Ellis about a past rape case
Baynard: I've heard about your old partner. IAB had a deep file on him. He wasn't a stranger to threats, coercion, --
Olivia: This wasn't his interrogation. Munch and Fin took the first shift and I took the last 9 hours

Affection: Season 12

Gray- Elliot was never a frat boy and recalled meeting Kathy more romantic than John's recollection of the story 'over a keg'. Kathy remembered wanting to kiss Elliot but was scared. Meanwhile it had taken 3 beers for Elliot to work up a nerve to say Hello. He went over to kiss her until Kathleen entered in, interrupting.
Pop- Elliot sat on Eli's bed and stared at him, who was still awake. Kathy came in, smiled and left them alone

Bang- Elliot told Ken Turner (who had 47 children) that he had 5 children only with his wife and thought having more babies with Olivia was sick thinking.
Delinquent- Elliot and Kathy were sleeping. Elliot's arm was on Kathy until his cell phone rang. He didn't want her to answer but she did so; it was Olivia. While Kathy chatted, Elliot wanted to hold her hand until she snuggled up to him

Olivia on Her Own

TV Guide; February 2012 with SVU's Executive Producer Warren Leight
Will Benson's New Relationship Last?
And now you've got Olivia in a new relationship with Harry Connick, Jr. Why was now the time?
I always thought that as long as Elliot was her partner, she had the perfect excuse to not be in a real relationship. This was a guy whose values were completely in sync with hers. They were a perfect team, and he emotionally supported her. So if you're afraid of being in a truly intimate relationship with a man, this was the perfect thing because you have everything you could want, but he's married with five kids

Hoffington Post; February 2012 with Harry Connick, Jr.
I know that you said that you were obsessed with the show, so I'm sure that there were many fans who wanted Elliot and Olivia together. Were you a big fan of Benson and Stabler?
The thing about their relationship is that it was an impossibility. You always wanted it to work and for it to happen, but you knew it wasn't because he was married and they loved each other in a different kind of way. It's interesting to see how she's sort of breaking down a little bit and letting David into her emotional circle because that was once a place she really only let Elliot into. It's fun to be that guy.

Bonus Family: Olivia Benson

 Joseph Hollister worked for RPB Food Distributors as a salesman, signed up with restaurants, school districts and colleges that remained clients for many years, including Columbia University where Serena Benson attended and graduated. Serena worked in the dining hall to pay her way through college in 1967. The library closed at midnight so Serena took her regular short-cut home. It was darker than usual; Serena was halfway home when something came from behind, knocking her unconcious. When she came to, she was on a landing below street level with a man on top of her. He pushed on her dress, engaging in sexual intercourse; Serena recalled that he had sideburns when reporting her rape to police. Serena got pregnant and had Olivia in 1968. Joe somehow knew that Serena had his child and kept tabs on Olivia, saving article clippings. He did attempt to call Olivia but her mother answered so he hung up.
There were two other rapes with victims working in dining halls, the last one in 1969 with Jane Willet who didn't identify her attacker because she was a wild child back in the day and felt no one would believe her.
Joe suffered from depression and was given medication in 1969. Joe married Sharon Marsden and they had a son, Simon on March 24, 1973. Joe did tell Sharon that he had a daughter but they kept it from Simon who always wanted a sister. Simon later discovered Joe's article clippings on Olivia and saved them after Joe's death because they didn't make any sense. Joe had his problems but he was always good to Simon. However while the medication for Joe's depression did help, he started to drink heavily and eventually got into a car accident after picking Simon up from school. Sharon divorced Joe and refused to let him see Simon, changing her and Simon's last name to her maiden name of Marsden. Joe committed suicide in 1996 in his office with Holcion and alcohol in his system- a deadly combination.
 Serena Benson was born in February 3, 1944. After graduating from Columbia University (and having Olivia Margaret), she worked as an English professor. Serena and Olivia had a strain relationship while Olivia was growing up. Serena became an alcoholic.
When Olivia was 16, she fell in love with an older man who was one of Serena's students. He was a senior at the age of 21 and proposed to Olivia, who accepted because she wanted to get away from her mother. When Serena found out, she told Olivia that if she didn't stop seeing him, she would have him kicked out of college. Olivia had enough and attempted to leave but Serena dropped her bottle of vodka that broke and picked up a jagged-edge piece and came at Olivia screaming "I'll never let anyone else have you!" Olivia kicked her mother hard and kicked again. Serena went flying across the room into a wall, sliding down to the floor- Olivia never hurt her before. Olivia ran out because she was so afraid and met Simone Bryce, who was at the time a law student and helped Olivia survive.
Serena and Olivia managed to repair their relationship. In 1999, Olivia started to work in Special Victims Unit and researched her mother's rape case to find her father but reached a dead end until 2006. Serena was  not happy about Olivia being in SVU and wished she would consider getting out of it. Serena may have understood as a rape victim (to a woman who killed her rapist after recognizing him) but it didn't mean she condoned it. If Serena had killed her rapist, would Olivia been better off with her in jail? Olivia hated her father for what he did to Serena but she felt that if he hadn't, Olivia wouldn't have been here.
One day, Don told Olivia that Serena had an accident and didn't make it. Serena fell down the subway steps on 110th and Broadway. Serena never took the subway but it's entrance was outside near the Velvet Room where Serena got drunk. Don gave Olivia time off but it wasn't very long- she needed to work. It took Olivia years to accept the fact that Serena was an alcoholic and when she did, she had to accept all the consequences.
After discovering who her father was, Olivia briefly doubted that there was a possibility that Serena lied about being raped as she had lied to her about so many things. But after doing further digging, Joe really did raped Serena.
*In season 2, Serena supposedly died in September of 2000 but in season 11, her grave had the date of death on December 10, 2000
 In 2006, Olivia asked Melinda Warner to run her DNA (illegally) through the kinship analysis, claiming it was a cold rape case. She discovered that she had a half-brother.
Simon had a record- 2 counts of joyriding and shoplifting of woman's clothes and was being accused for stalking 3 women by the time Olivia discovered him. Simon was living with his then-girlfriend Lucy and her young son from a previous relationship while working as a pharmacist in Riverpark, New Jersey. The police were keeping a close eye on Simon under their Captain Julia Millfield's command. Olivia tried to connect through Lucy, offering to talk but Lucy told Simon who went to confront her. He researched Olivia, discovering that she was a Detective but while they talked he realized that Olivia looked familiar to him. He later visited Olivia at her apartment as he now knew why she looked familiar to him: his father had saved article clippings of Olivia. Olivia told Simon that Joe was her father as he had raped her mother. Simon had a hard time believing his father was a rapist but instantly accepted Olivia as his sister. Later that night, Simon was accused of rape and Olivia was torn if he was guilty or not. Elliot discovered a connection between Julia and Simon from his yearbook that he gave to Olivia by finding a Carrie Millfield. Simon and Carrie liked each other and went together at a school dance. Afterwards, they were in the car kissing until she suddenly pulled away. At first he thought she was just playing around and pulled her back in, ripping her dress in the process but Carrie started to cry. He apologized and drove her home. The next day, Carrie and Julia's dad came over and told Simon that he assaulted her and if he ever saw Simon near Carrie again, he was going to call the police. Carrie flunked out of school and became an alcoholic, going in and out of pysch hospitals ever since. Julia hadn't seen Simon in 16 years and he wasn't aware that she was a cop and involved in the recent case against him. When Riverpark Police went to arrest Simon for the recent rape, he jumped bail. FBI agent Dean Porter got involved in the Simon Marsden case, he discovered that Olivia helped Simon and wired him money while he was on the run (Dean and Olivia worked together before while he was her informant during her undercover case in Oregon in eco-terrorism). Rather than arresting Olivia, Dean let her go with a promise that she would contact him if Simon contacted her. She gave him her word and did as promised. But Simon ran away and allegedly attempted to run Olivia over with his car but it later turned out to be Julia who was trying to frame Simon. Dean and Olivia questioned Simon's mother Sharon (who had Alzheimer's) who recognized Olivia but didn't know that she was Joe's daughter. They discovered that Simon had a house in Florida that Joe left him in his will; Dean went to the state of Florida while Olivia researched Joe for closure. It turned out that Simon was in Florida, New York where Julia found him. Julia was going to shoot Simon but while he wrestled the gun away, it went off and hit Julia in the gut. Dean, Elliot and Olivia made it. Olivia figured that Carrie was molested by their father and had a flashback while on a date with Simon; Carrie had just committed suicide 3 days before. It turned out that Julia framed Simon with the recent rape case by planting his hairs on the victim's underwear and told her to identify Simon so he wouldn't rape anyone else. Dean later took Simon with him for help unraveling the mess that Julia had made. Olivia then got into trouble with Internal Affairs for wiring Simon money while he was a fugitive. She was suspended.
Simon met Tracy around 2010 when she came in with her son Ty for a check up at the clinic Simon worked in West Harlem. They had a daughter, Olivia, named after his sister and Ty started calling Simon 'Dad'; they were to get married in the following June in 2012. They were out one time when Simon passed a stop sign; they were pulled over and Officer Wilcox asked Simon to empty out his pockets where he pulled out a joint (he used to smoke to help with his appetite after a dental surgery). When Children's Services social worker visited, she found a bump on Ty's head from when he and Simon were playing around. She later filed an emergency order to remove the children from their custody for their safety. Simon turned to Olivia who was surprised to see him after five years of not keeping in touch and was surprised to learn that he had kids. Olivia enlisted her attorney friend Baynard Ellis to represent Simon and Tracy. He questioned Officer Wilcox on the stand, proving that it was a bad search on his part. Olivia met her niece Olivia and Ty at Child's Services. In family court, it was decided to revisit the case in 6 months while Simon had to go to rehab while the kids were put in foster care. Simon got desperate after overhearing the idea of putting his children for adoption so he and Tracy kidnapped them from foster care. As Simon kept calling Olivia, she had no choice but to turn in her cell phone to catch Simon on the run. After Simon was arrested, Olivia visited him in his holding cell. He apologized and she told him to grow up. Tracy managed to get bail but not Simon as he had jumped bail before. Baynard managed to reduce Simon's charge from kidnapping to custodial interference- a misdemeanor. Simon had to be in jail for 60 days, giving up his custody petition, he can only visit little Olivia with supervision for the next 3 years, and had to get his own apartment while Tracy had to get another lawyer to regain custody.
One night, Brian Cassidy and Olivia went to Maloney's, getting drunk and winding up in bed together after an incredible night. They both wanted it to happen but that's all Olivia wanted while Brian wanted to see her again. Elliot figured that Brian and Olivia slept together and told her to be nice to him- he will be cold but he'll get over it- it happens. But Olivia broke her rule: never fall in love with the people she worked with. Six months later, Olivia was about to go on a date while at the squad. Brian pointed out that before she didn't have time for a relationship; Brian warned her that as long as she had this job, her marriage will be an affair. Brian later left Special Victims when a case got to him- he was transferred to Narcotics.
In 2008, Olivia dated Kurt Moss, newspaper's The Ledger Editor for a couple of months. No one knew that Olivia and Kurt were dating until IAB found out through her phone records after when Olivia was accused of outing a football player Lincoln Haver's homosexuality. She was suspended (with pay while in pending investigation, and took her gun and shield until further notice). Elliot didn't know about Olivia's relationship with Kurt. He confronted Kurt to help save Olivia's job. Kurt can sign an affidavit saying that Olivia wasn't his source. Olivia's problems in their relationship was that she's so used to taking care of herself that she can't let anybody in. Kurt wanted Olivia to move in with him. Olivia's suspension was lifted and she broke up with Kurt.
Olivia was investigating a cold rape case of Joan Arliss, who's piece of jewelry was found in a suspect's home (while investigating a recent rape case) from 1970. But Joan was very ill with Alzheimer's; she had a daughter, Vivian, who was unaware of her mother's rape. Olivia reluctantly told Vivian- she figured she was a child of rape. Her mother was a student at Barnard and Olivia thought it was possible that Vivian could be her half-sister but DNA proved wrong. Vivian's father was Walter Burlock who was a part of both cold and recent rape cases. Joan then died and Vivian took pills. After it was believed that Vivian killed Walter, she left Calvin with Olivia making her his legal guardian. Calvin was upset at his mom for leaving him behind. Calvin stayed with Olivia in her apartment, they grew a bond and he drew a picture of her with the name Calvin Benson on it. Vivian and Calvin didn't know where his father was and Olivia was searching for him with very little information she had, including his DNA. Calvin had some stomach problems and had gotten into fights at school. Elliot soon discovered Calvin's DNA sample in Olivia's desk after she claimed she sent it in; she claimed it was a mistake and he already sent it in. Vivian resurfaced when her prints were found at a home that she and her (girl)friend Sarah visited for an open house. Despite being taken off the case by Don for conflict of interest, Olivia and Elliot went ahead and found Vivian in the Bronx where Olivia arrested her. They brought her in for questioning and she told them about how Walter was murdered until Don stopped the interrogation, pissed off at them for disobeying him. Sarah claimed she was the one that killed Walter because she loved Vivian as they were soul mates after meeting in rehab. Sarah got out by bail (paid by Vivian) but was shot dead in the parking garage while Olivia and Vivian talked outside the courthouse. The shooter turned out to be David, Calvin's father. He shot Sarah because she took Vivian and Calvin away from him; he had gotten clean and convinced Vivian to go to rehab where she met Sarah and went back to drugs. Sarah and Vivian refused David to have Calvin. David was then arrested. Vivian terminated Olivia's legal guardianship over Calvin, placing him in the care of David's parents in Vermont, devastating both Olivia and Calvin. Olivia kept in touch with Calvin, taking him and his grandparents to a pumpkin patch during Halloween in 2011 before she got called in to work.
In 2011, David Haden became SVU's new EADA after being in the rackets. The DA asked him to be there for SVU as a personal interest- it wasn't just sex crimes but for the kidnapping of a high-profile figure. David was a divorced father of 2 kids who live with his ex. When David and Olivia had a drink together, she admitted to him that they were not sure of him at first. After their second nightcap, David and Olivia kissed. When they met again, David and Olivia were both giving a lecture, Olivia for drug facilitated sexual assault and David for international sex trafficking. They left together but departed separately for conflict of interest. David was there for Olivia after a hostage situation, taking her away from the scene. They spent a weekend together and kept their romance low-key- David and Olivia went to the movies before going back to her apartment where they slept together. Their weekend ended when Don called. Nick noticed that Olivia seemed happier than she was when he first joined SVU just a few months before. Olivia and David worked together on a case of a serial killer, which tested their relationship. They worked together again until Baynard figured that David and Olivia were seeing each other when David slipped that he already knew of her meeting with Baynard that afternoon. The relationship may have nothing to do with the case but it's grenade. Olivia asked Baynard to give her time to find the real suspect to release his client from jail (where she originally put him) or else she'll go to the DA to tell him everything. The DA set up a conviction integrity unit on past cases- David will be in charge. David and Olivia celebrated at a bar but they broke up- they'll be in conflict of interest when he's looking in her past cases. Madam Delia Wilson's attorney threatened Olivia to expose her past relationship with David, who resigned.
Brian was working undercover as a bodyguard to Brian Ganzel for 3 years when Nick and Amanda came over for questioning. Nick and Brian ended up in a fight with Nick arresting him. While Nick was questioning Brian, Olivia came in to greet him, telling Nick that he used to work for SVU last century. She joined in the questioning. During the case, Brian kept tabs with SVU and their case got tense from the war between Delia and Brian Ganzel. Brian and Nick don't normally see eye to eye. Somewhere along the line, Brian and Olivia rekindled their affair. Don was framed for the murder of Carissa Gibson (who had an affair with Brian 3 years prior and was the witness for their investigation). Brian believed that Delia set up Don. Brian Ganzel got suspicious of Brian's loyalties while Nick found out that Brian wasn't assigned from Vice and IAB weren't aware of who he was working for. Brian then got shot during an attack of Brian Ganzel and a police standoff with Olivia looking on. She was very concerned over Brian. The bullet missed the artery, hitting his spleen and required surgery. Olivia believed Brian Ganzel made Brian and set him up. She visited Brian at the hospital where she kissed him. Brian Ganzel later admitted to setting up Brian to prevent him from testifying as well as setting up Don for murder of Carissa. Brian Ganzel was arrested. Over the Christmas holidays, Brian and Olivia went to the Bahamas. Brian got demoted as an officer, working nights at a courthouse. Brian and Olivia's affair was discovered when Nick and John came over regarding about Brian being accused of rape by Heather Riggs, aka Brooklynn, a working girl. Brian was due to testify against Brian Ganzel. He believed that he was framed and Olivia and others investigated the case. He was arrested but was released. Brian knew that Heather didn't want to be at this gathering and he couldn't blow his cover so he made up an excuse and they talked for 2 hours. Bobby Navarro, a studio manager, later admitted that Brian was set up- he made it up to cash in with Brian Ganzel to sue the city. Heather was also in on it and admitted that Brian didn't touch her, he was nice to her. Charges were dropped. Not long later, Olivia's rape/murder suspect William Lewis was found not guilty and was released. Olivia came home and found him in her apartment with a gun to her head, greeting her. He held her tied to a chair, beating Olivia up, taunting her and used alcohol. William then kidnapped her before her team went looking for her- taking to his lawyer's parents' home where he raped and murdered them (the mother survived while the father died) while forcing Olivia to watch before moving on to their next destination. While tied to the bed, Olivia managed to get herself loose and used the bed's iron post to hit him, handcuffing him to the bed. Her SVU team found her; as her apartment was a crime scene, Olivia stayed with Brian for 2 months while going to therapy. They decided to move in together in a new apartment. IAB Lt. Ed Tucker enlisted Brian to go undercover as a rookie to the 12th Precinct on behalf of his investigation with the SVU squad's help; Lt. Tucker promised Brian that he would get his shield back and wouldn't have to be a court guard. Olivia and Nick shadowed Brian's moves and came in time when his cover was blown with his life in danger- Lt. Tucker outed him out on purpose. Brian and Olivia's relationship started to strained after Brian became an IAB agent and was happy the way things were while Olivia wanted a family. They mutually broke up, Brian moved out.
Olivia became Sergeant and is the current boss of Special Victims after Don retired

Noah was born in late 2013 to Ellie Porter, a prostitute on drugs, and Johnny Drake, a sex trafficker. After he was born, Ellie was told that her baby died when really her pimp sold him to child traffickers. Olivia and Amanda busted in and discovered Noah and other children. The children were claimed by their families except Noah (then known as Baby Boy Doe). He went into the foster care system while Olivia and the SVU team searched for his parents. Olivia took a special interest in Baby Boy Doe by attending every hearing and visiting him and was kept up-to-date to his many rotating foster families. During that time, he developed an infection in his lungs. Olivia and her SVU team eventually found his biological mother who wanted her son back and attempted to stay clean to regain custody of Noah. But Ellie was found dead while trying to get drugs. Her attorney, Trevor Langan, acted as the best interest of his deceased client for Noah and made no objection to the Judge's motion of appointing Olivia as the foster mother. Noah has had a few medical scares with his lungs and measles- at one point child services threatened to remove him from Olivia's care due to her job. The Judge kept Noah with Olivia and told her to make him her first priority. After a case of sex trafficking ring, Melinda visited Olivia with news that the top guy of the sex trafficking, Johnny "D" Drake was Noah's biological father and volunteered to keep the information confidential so Olivia could adopt Noah. However, eventually Olivia decided to name Johnny as the father in the adoption papers because lying in the past hasn't worked out well for her. Johnny discovered Noah and used him as his 'get out of jail' free card- at first trying to make a deal for a lesser sentence, signing away his parental rights but was turned down. So Johnny attempted to reinstate his rights to Noah for custody and putting his name as Noah Porter Drake. During his trial. with his victims testifying, Johnny realized that was it for him and caused a chaotic scene that ended up being killed during a gun fight with NIck. Olivia officially adopted Noah as her son- Noah Porter Benson.
Ed Tucker was married and in Emergency Service Unit before going into Internal Affairs Bureau and eventually divorced. Olivia knew Ed for many years and didn't really like him; she and especially her former partners Elliot and Nick would frequently get into trouble. After Olivia became in charge with SVU and adopted Noah, she and Ed became close. They quietly started to date, unbeknownst to her co-workers, until Ed himself got into trouble for being accused as a sex trafficker during a case involving his cousin, Father Eugene. Olivia stuck to his side, she was even transferred out of SVU during Ed's investigation. They both got their jobs back, but Ed decided to turn in his departure papers and is now with Conviction Integrity Unit after his trip to Paris with Olivia and Noah.

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