Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Underbelly (season 8)

Elliot and Dani wanted to talk to a tattoo artist who would allow to tattoo illegally to underage costumers...as long as they have a note
Elliot: My son did a better job forging my signature when he was 8 years old

Elliot and Dani were on a stakeout, watching on underage prostitutes
Elliot: Can't be anymore than 15. My youngest is her age.
 Elliot, Dani and Casey were having drinks until Casey went to talk to Marcus, a Homicide ADA. Dani decided it was time to go
Dani: I gotta get home
Elliot: You left your car at the squad
Dani: I'll take a cab
Elliot: No. I got mine out back
Dani: Sure?
Elliot: Let me drop you off
Elliot and Dani headed over to the car. Before Dani got in, Elliot grabbed her arm and kissed her. They continued until they both got paged by Don urgently. Elliot and Dani tried to ignore the calls until it got impossible.

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