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Turmoil (Season 11)

 Elliot entered the kitchen where Dickie was drinking milk and Kathy was with Eli eating crackers. Elliot smiled at Kathy and Eli while going to the refrigerator to drink some orange juice.
Elliot: You're going to be late for school
Dickie: I'm waiting for Shane
Elliot: I don't like that kid driving you anywhere
Dickie: What else is new?
Elliot: Don't take the expressway
Elliot was looking for a green folder on Nikki Sherman's rape case for court. It was under Dickie's bookbag. Dickie doesn't know Nikki but he had heard of her being a lying slut, much of Elliot's disapproval.
Dickie: Their words, Dad, not mine. But the photos were pretty hot
Elliot: What photos?
Dickie: The ones with her top off, like 'Girls Gone Wild'
Kathy: I don't want you on that website
Dickie: They were on Shane's phone
 Shane Newsome walked into the kitchen from the back door, wearing a hat that Elliot snatched off- no hats indoors. He questioned Shane about Nikki's photos. Shane explained that the photos were viraled out to many kids' cell phones. Elliot believed him, telling him to drive straight to school no stopping.

After court, Elliot and Olivia arrived to work but Don was waiting for Elliot
Don: Your cell phone was off while you were in court so Kathy called him. Your son is missing
Elliot: Eli?
Don: No, no he's fine. It's Dickie
Olivia: I'll go with you
Elliot: No, I'll call when I know something
Elliot went back to the elevator
 Elliot arrived home- Kathy rushed up to Elliot to inform him that Dickie got into a fight at school and wasn't seen again after lunch. Kathy tried to call Dickie but he's not picking up. Elliot thought that it's too early to tell- he could be playing hooky with Shane. Kathy had Detective Anita Gomez with her to file a missing person report. Elliot filled Anita in on Shane's long record of drug abuse and theft
Anita: Is your son having problems at home too?
Elliot: He's not a runaway
Anita knew that Elliot would be looking for Dickie himself and wanted to help to cover more ground. Anita questioned Kathy about Dickie
Anita: And any other changes, mood swings, depression?
Elliot: If my son were taking drugs, I'd know it
Anita: You just said that he hangs out with an addict
Kathy: Look, I know my son. He wouldn't worry me like this (to Elliot) Let her file a report
Elliot: Okay
Kathy gave Anita Dickie's picture and she gave permission to have his cell phone chip to help locate him from cell towers. Elliot went to the kitchen (Anita showed herself out)
 Elliot: You're overreacting
Kathy: I wish you would
Elliot: Look, he's probably out playing hooky with that Shane punk doing God knows what
Elliot's cell phone rang- it's their bank informing him that a withdraw was attempted from Dickie's emergency credit card. His card wasn't set up to give out cash. Elliot wanted Kathy to call their cell provider to tell them to track Dickie's calls while Elliot went to talk to Shane's mom.
Elliot questioned Mrs. Newsome about Shane's whereabouts however she was unaware that he and Dickie were missing. She told Elliot that Shane's sober and got tested every morning. Richard had been a good influence. Mrs. Newsome figured that Elliot didn't like Shane due to his drug addiction. But Richard is not perfect either.
Elliot: His name is Dickie
Mrs. Newsome: Which proves how well you know him. No one calls him that anymore, he hates it.
Elliot left his card for her to contact him if she hears from Shane. But she will not allow Elliot to talk to him anymore.
Don found Elliot back at work for Nikki's rape case and filled him in about Dickie. They proceed with the case, reviewing their evidence and believing that they were fine until Elliot remembered what Dickie told him about Nikki's topless photos. Everyone was furious. While John was tracking down the photo, Don allowed Elliot and Olivia to talk to Danny Proctor (who Dickie fought with earlier in school)
Danny filled in Elliot and Olivia about Shane trying to sell a DVR for money. He assumed for drugs but Shane and Dickie always talked about joining the Army's Buddy System. Danny was not sure. Shane's mother took back the DVR.
Elliot and Olivia went to talk to the Army recruiter
Elliot: W're here about Richard Stabler. I'm his father. He's a minor
Elliot refused for Dickie to join the Army- he's going to go to college despite bad grades. He wanted the Army to say no to Dickie; but the Army had no intentions to turn anyone down. In less than 2 years, Elliot will no longer have a say.
The ATM footage came in showing Shane trying to withdraw money from Elliot's account from Dickie's credit card. Shane was with an unidentified person. Elliot believed that Shane stole the card. Elliot tried calling Dickie but got voicemail
Elliot: Well, I'm looking for my son. He's never been gone this long before. I don't give a damn who's with Shane.
The last call Dickie made was to Shane in Harlem- he's on the move. It's getting late and Elliot wanted to go out looking for him despite that there's already other cops out. John came in with Nikki's photo- it didn't look good.
Alex was furious and believed Elliot was hurting her case as he's distracted. Mrs. Newsome came in with a possible new lead. Alex refused Elliot to talk to her as it's against procedure. Elliot knew that, while Olivia and Fin talk to her.
Mrs. Newsome showed Olivia and Fin her cell records that showed Dickie calling Shane many times. But there was a number she didn't recognize. Olivia and Fin kept thinking that Shane went back to drugs. His mother briefly thought the same but was convinced that he was clean. 
After watching, Elliot wanted to get a subpoena for the Newsomes' phone records but Don reminded him that the case belonged to Queens. Elliot needed to stay out of it as their own rape case was in trouble. Olivia and Fin came in and then left to check out the Homeless shelter where Shane did community service. 
The lady from the Homeless shelter filled Olivia and Fin about Shane's community work and informed them about another person he's close to: Harold Moore, who would do anything for a fix
Lady: That's what I told Richard when he stopped by
Olivia: Richard Stabler?
Olivia showed his picture
Lady: Yeah, that's him. Great kid. He's been here a couple of times with Shane
Dickie was there less than an hour ago, looking for Shane and went to find Harold. Olivia and Fin found Elliot waiting outside
Fin: What are you doing? Cragen told you to take your ass home
Elliot: If it was your kid, you would be out here. What did you find out?
Olivia: We may have just found Dickie. Get in
 Fin, Olivia and Elliot drove up to find Dickie in a fight with Harold, beating him up and demanding to know where Shane was. The Detectives broke them up. Dickie knew Elliot wouldn't find Shane while Fin realized that Harold was high and had a deep cut- he need to go to the hospital.
Olivia: Let's get back to the precinct where we can sort this out
Elliot: I'm taking him home
Olivia: Elliot. Elliot, stop! Your son just assaulted a man with a 2x4. There's no way he's going home. Don't make this worse than it already is. Dickie, let's go.
 Olivia took Dickie in to the interrogation room while Elliot and Don listened in. Dickie wanted to keep looking for Shane. He knew that he's clean, trying to be a better person. Dickie gave Shane his card to get money to get fake IDs done to join the Army, thinking it would give Shane a fresh start and respect. Dickie was supposed to get the money himself but was pinched for fighting. When Shane failed to show up, Dickie went looking for him. They were best friends and would do anything for one another.
Dickie: I'm not stupid. I know what you're doing. My Dad does this all the time when he's trying to get personal. How about you? Ever sleep with your partner, Detective?
Olivia: Never. Are we done playing games?
Dickie: Look I don't have a lot of friends. Most kids want to hook up, smoke weed and drink beer. The last person they want hanging around is a kid whose father's a cop.
While Dickie continued to talk to Olivia, Elliot heard enough 
Elliot: Well, I guess I won't be winning Father of the Year award.
Don: Well, maybe next year after you rechannel his energy into contact sports.
Olivia came out. Fin was still at the hospital waiting on Harold to sober up. If Harold press charges then Elliot will bring Dickie back. John came in with news that Shane's phone was at Central Booking.
Elliot and Olivia discovered that Shane wasn't brought in but found his cell phone with blood on it. 
 Dickie was sitting at Elliot's desk, angry. Olivia offered him a sandwich but he refused
Dickie: Happy now?
Elliot: I'm thrilled. What is your problem?
Dickie: You thinking that Shane talked me into drugs
Elliot: Did he?
Dickie: Hell no. Not that you'd believe me
Elliot: All right, listen to me. Now that's not important. Your friend is missing. So who besides Harold would know where he is?
Dickie: Spare me. You don't give a damn about Shane
Elliot: Do you know who I am? I am your father. I'm not a friend
Dickie: Exactly why I didn't call you for help.
Elliot: Listen to me, my job is to worry 24/7 to know who you are with, whether you'll end up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now whether you like it or not, the people you hang out with are my business
Dickie: You don't get to choose my friends or tell me what to do. I'm done listening to you
Elliot: Have you lost your mind?
Dickie: Well, I'm not the first Stabler to do that, now am I?
 Elliot leaped up from his chair, shoving Dickie against the wall. Kathy rushed in, putting her arm around her son and tried to calm down Elliot. He realized what he had just done
Kathy: Hey, hey Elliot. Elliot. Okay?
Elliot: Yeah
Kathy: Okay? Take him home?
Elliot: Yeah
Kathy: Okay
A concerned Kathy took Dickie home while a shaken Elliot sat down at his desk. John informed Olivia about a man who had Shane's phone. She did a search: Neil Douglas, who was in for assault and attempted murder. Elliot caught his breath and was ready to go. John will call Alex to meet Elliot and Olivia.
Elliot and Olivia were talking to Neil without his attorney present. Alex came in and shut down the interview. Alex blamed Elliot for his personal bias over Shane that made him a suspect to victim. There's nothing Alex could do.

Elliot was on the phone with Kathy, wanting to talk to Dickie
Elliot: Put him on the phone, Kathy...Fine...No, it's not okay, but...all right, bye
Olivia: Dickie still not talking to you?
Elliot: He'll get over it
While Olivia was minding Nikki, the Chief of Detectives met with Don over Elliot's problems. Don left John in charge and let Elliot know that there was a body dump matching Shane's description. Don was temporary suspended.
Melinda was with Shane's dead body at the scene when Elliot and Olivia arrived. Shane was found naked, blunt force trauma and multiple stab wounds on the chest. Alex arrived at the scene- not happy to see Elliot there.
Melinda later filled Olivia in on her findings after Shane's autopsy. It was a slow death for Shane. His family requested a drug test: Shane had been clean for months. Elliot was hiding, heard it all.
Elliot was feeling guilty- new footage came in showing Harold with Shane trying to take the money from Dickie's card. Elliot felt that if he found the footage earlier, Shane could've been saved. Olivia tried to comfort him but Elliot walked away.

Fin went to arrest Harold (who put up a fight) and interrogated him. He confessed. Elliot tried to see Mrs. Newsome but she shut the door on him.
Elliot was waiting for Dickie to come home after being gone all night again. Elliot wanted that to stop from now on. Dickie tried to see Mrs. Newsome but she refused and her lawyer told him he wasn't invited to the funeral. Elliot apologized as it was his fault but there was nothing he could do about it. But Dickie can fix it: he wanted Elliot to sign Army consent forms so when Dickie turned 18, he'll leave and never see Elliot again. Elliot refused to sign
Elliot: Dickie, you can hate me all you want, I'm not signing-- I'm not-- I'm not signing them. You're my son. You're my son.
Elliot hugged Dickie and both started to cry.

Note: This was the first time Dickie and Eli shared a scene together; also the only time Eli shared a scene with any of his four big siblings.
-This was the final appearance of Dickie

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