Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Trials (season 10)

 Elliot's credit card was stolen and he tracked down with records. Elliot was about to go and face his thief when Kathleen came in, asking why he had her boyfriend arrested
Kathleen: Tony didn't steal your credit card. I had to buy some books for school, so I borrowed it when I was home on Sunday
Elliot: You didn't buy any books! You never told me you had a boyfriend
Kathleen: Well I do and you better make it right
Elliot: I'd better make-- what did you just say to me!? What did you just say to me!?
Olivia came in for Elliot's attention with a new lead
Olivia: El...
Kathleen: Tony didn't do anything
Elliot: We're not going to talk about this now. And you're going to get that thing removed from your leg!
Kathleen: You have a tattoo
Kathleen leaves

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