Friday, April 26, 2013

Season 12 Shorts

Elliot and Olivia arrived at their new precinct after their old one flooded. Elliot hoped that it will get condemned
Olivia: Not to mention that this place is closer to your house
Elliot: Yeah, something wrong with that?

Elliot was interrogating suspect Eldon Balugh, who was comparing their love for women
Eldon: ...It's as real as the love that you feel for your wife

Elliot went undercover as a sex addict. Courtney was trying to put the moves on him but Elliot kept refusing
Elliot: Courtney, listen to me, my daughter had trouble with drugs, she was promiscuous, but she's clean. You're clean...

Elliot suddenly went missing after getting a lot of text messages to meet with a suspect alone. Don and Fin tried to look for him
Don: You try Kathy?
Fin: She says she hasn't spoken to him since he left the house yesterday

Elliot and Olivia were questioning the mother of an alledged murder suspect about raising children with spoiling and discipline as the world is tough
Mrs. Frye: Clearly you have children
Elliot: I've got 5

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