Friday, April 26, 2013

Scorched Earth (season 13)

The Detectives were filling in Don about rape suspect Roberto Distasio, who's claiming diplomatic immunity based on being a head of Global Economic Trust
Fin: Too bad Stabler's still out, he would have loved to crack this guy

Olivia went to brief Don- who was meeting with Linus Roach and Alex. While they were talking, Olivia got distracted, staring at Elliot's empty desk. After Olivia left the room, Alex turned to Don
Alex: I heard about the shooting. Is Stabler coming back?
Don: That's up to him

Olivia came in to work and saw the IAB leaving Don's office and went in
Olivia: What does IAB want? That was a good shooting, Captain. Elliot was cleared
Don: On that one. Now Internal Affairs wants to go over his entire jacket
Olivia: Let 'em. There's nothing to find
Don: Liv...If it was his first good shooting, okay. Maybe even his second. But it's his sixth. The whole squad is on notice.
Olivia: So, what, so he's the sacrificed lamb? You're just gonna give him up?
Don: You know me better than that. He's like a son to me. I've been pushing as hard as I can. I just don't know how it's gonna shake out
Olivia: What does that mean?
Don: That means if Elliot wants to keep his job, he's gonna have to submit a psych eval, anger management, a lot of hoops
Olivia: And he'll tell them to go to hell
Olivia stormed out of the office

After Roberto's arrest, Olivia was at the bar waiting for Fin, Amanda and John while trying to call Elliot
Olivia: Look, I don't wanna stalk you but, you know, if you need to talk I'm here
Fin, Amanda and John arrived with details of their case; Fin talk to Olivia
Olivia: Talked to Elliot?
Fin: No
Alex walked in with good news involving their case
Fin: Elliot's probably afraid to talk to you, Liv. Doesn't want you to try to talk him out of it
Olivia: Out of what? He's not going to quit
Fin: He shot a teenage girl. He may not ever wanna put his gun on again

After the trial, Olivia returned to work. Don called her into his office
Don: Elliot put his papers in. There was nothing I could do
Olivia: He's earned it
Don: And then some. You wanna talk?
Olivia: No
Don: You wanna take a day?
Olivia: I'm fine
Don: Liv...I'm sorry
Olivia left his office. A new case came in- Olivia wanted to go but wanted to have a couple of minutes. She went into an empty interrogation room to cry

Note: This episode was the opener of season 13 without Christopher Meloni as Elliot Stabler, who left after season 12 after opting out during contract negogations

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