Monday, April 22, 2013

Richard Stabler

 Richard, known as Dickie, was the first son and third child born to Elliot and Kathy Stabler. Dickie had a twin, Elizabeth, who he was inseparable with and shared a secret language when they were young. Elliot named Dickie after Colonel Richard 'Dick' Finlay, an astronaut who Elliot idolized and was his hero until his son came along. One time, Dickie busted his head open on the corner of a coffee table with blood everywhere, Elliot thought he was going to lose him- a memory that still haunted him close to tears. Dickie went through a dress-up phase by wearing his mom's high heels. By the time he was 8 years old, Dickie could forge his father's signature.
 Dickie and Elizabeth loved the zoo and he used to have a turtle until Elliot accidentally killed it in the garbage disposal. He also had fishes while a teenager. At the age of 8, Dickie started to serve as an Altar boy. Dickie idolized his father, who felt the same way. During his parents' separation, Kathy one time dropped Dickie off at Elliot's work- she couldn't wait for Elliot to pick him up much longer; Dickie was going to spend a couple of nights. He was looking over crime photos when Elliot finally arrived. Dickie helped Elliot and Fin on their case, connecting the minor details of the crime to a computer game. For his confirmation ceremony, Dickie was originally going to choose Peter as his confirmation name but at the last minute picked Michael, named for St. Michael, the Patron of Cops.
 When Dickie was 15, he wanted to be called Dick and thought about becoming an astronaut like his namesake Colonel Finlay as it would have been so cool. He would have followed his dream rather than settling down like his father did. But Dick turned out to be a murderer on a case that Elliot was investigating- trying to cover up his tracks. Dick even conspired a murder by convincing space-fan Anton Thibodeaux to kill potential suspect Vince Beckwith (who was really a witness) for murdering his colleague Marga Janssen. Marga was replacing Dick's spot to travel to the moon. Afraid that Anton would tell the Detectives the truth in excitement, Dick wrestled Anton to the ground, shooting him dead by force. Dickie was present to meet Dick. Elliot protected Dickie, rushing him to his desk to cover before taking him home. Elliot soon realized the truth and arrested Dick, disgusted that he shook his boy's hand after committing murder.
After a brief moment of wanting to be called Dick, he eventually hated to be called Dickie or Dick and wanted to be known as Richard- Elliot wasn't aware of that. Dickie was a lot like Elliot by getting what they want and being fans of football player Lincoln Haver. Elliot tried the best he could to protect Dickie from the wrong things with all the smut out there- it hasn't been easy. Dickie realized that being a cop's son was difficult to fit in and he didn't have a lot of friends. He felt like he was being interrogated by his father when trying to get personal. Dickie became close to Shane Newsome, a recovering drug addict with a record, trying to get his life back on track. Elliot didn't like Shane, putting a strain on his and Dickie's relationship. Dickie and Shane planned to enter the Army for the buddy system. But Shane ended up dead while trying to help his homeless friend Harold Moore. Harold wanted money to buy drugs while Shane was trying to get fake IDs but Harold was desperate. Dickie was devastated and tried to join the Army with Elliot's consent. But Elliot said no.

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