Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Responsible (Season 8)

Elliot was distracted, looking at teenage Jane Doe's dead body while Melinda was talking
Elliot: I'm sorry. She reminds me of my daughter
Elliot treated Kathleen lunch of pizza so he can ask her about underage drinking that was involved in his case. Kathleen explained how they could easily get access to alcohol, including putting up their agendas on their webpage.
Elliot had Kathleen instruct him to check on his suspect webpages to see what they were up to
Elliot and Kathleen were eating dinner at an Italian restaurant. Elliot filled her in on the outcome of his case and then asked for her wallet. Elliot took out her license, burning it by candle while reminding Kathleen that she never suffered the consequences and he had risked his job.
Elliot: Kathleen, I'm sorry. But unfortunately there's not a statue of limitations on being a bad parent

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