Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Paternity (season 9)

Elliot brought Tommy Keegan home for a bath and fresh clothes while the other Detectives were searching for his parents. Tommy was instantly attached to Elliot.
Elliot: It's been a long time since we've done this, huh?
Kathy: 15 years. You ready to do it all over again?
Elliot: Still think it's a girl?
Kathy: Mm-hmm I haven't been wrong yet
Elliot: That's true
Kathy: But you really want a boy
Elliot: I want it healthy. Just want a healthy baby
Kathy: Tell the truth
Elliot: Well the little guy is cute, I mean, you got to admit that
Kathy: We can't keep him
Elliot: I know

After finding out that Tommy wasn't his biological son, Jake Keegan was devastated. Elliot was trying to comfort him. Tommy was still his son in many ways
Jake: You must have kids
Elliot: Yeah
Jake: What if you found out that one of them wasn't yours? After all the years of hugging them, and holding their hands, you know, wiping their tears. How would you feel?
 Elliot was getting settled in at home; Kathy was talking to him until realizing that he wasn't paying attention
Kathy: I have a Doctor's appointment tomorrow by my car is still in the shop
Elliot: Mm-Hmm
Kathy: So I guess I will ride my bike
Elliot: Okay
Kathy: You're not listening to me
Elliot: Sorry?
Kathy: My appointment tomorrow?
Elliot: Yeah, I'll take you
Kathy: Okay
Elliot: Hey, when we were separated, did you see anyone?
Kathy: Did you?
Elliot: Yeah

Elliot's cell phone rang- he hung up before answering. Elliot wanted Kathy to answer his question
Elliot: Did you?
Kathy: Yeah
Elliot: Who?
Kathy: I went out a couple of dates. No one you know
Elliot: Did you sleep with him?
Kathy: Why are you doing this?
Elliot: Just answer the question
Kathy: What is the point of this, Elliot? Are you asking me if this is your child?
Elliot's cell phone rang again and to avoid Kathy's question, he answered (it was Olivia) before leaving.

 Afterwards, Elliot was in bed, lying away and staring at Kathy's pregnant belly, thinking.
The next day, Don told Elliot and Olivia that they had to attend an emergency family court hearing about Tommy
Elliot: I gotta pick up Kathy, bring her to the OB for a check up
Chester brought in Tommy, claiming that he was there for an appointment while Jake had an errand. Elliot didn't have an appointment- they realized that something was terribly wrong.

After finding Leah Keegan's dead body, Elliot figured that Jake went to North Forks (3 hours away from the City) to do murder-suicide. But Olivia stopped him
Olivia: Hey, hey, what about Kathy's appointment?
Elliot: I forgot
Olivia: I'll take her

After Elliot confronted and arrested Jake, Olivia called him from her car
Elliot: What do you got?
Olivia: Is Jake Keegan in custody?
Elliot: Yeah. You got Kathy?
Olivia: Picked her up right on time
Kathy: Unlike some people
Elliot: Yeah, okay. Well call me, tell me what the Doctor says, okay?
Kathy: I will. Love you
Elliot: I love you too (to Olivia) Liv, thanks
Olivia: No problem.
Olivia hung up. A few seconds later, a car crashed into Olivia's car on Kathy's passenger side. They were unconscious. 
 Olivia woke up first. She checked for Kathy's pulse and went on her walkie-talkie to call for help. Kathy's legs were pinned down by the dashboard. 
Olivia: 53 at 151 and McCombs. The victim is a pregnant wife of an M.O.S. Rush a bus and the fire department
Olivia managed to get out of the car when the ambulance and the fire department arrived. Firefighters deactivated the tires as Kathy's airbag didn't employ.
 Once the car was stable, Olivia wedged herself into the backseat to help the paramedics to insert an IV in Kathy's arm and to put a neckbrace on her neck. Kathy's heart rate was up and was dehydrated. Kathy came to; Olivia reassured her that everything's okay.
Kathy: Hurry. My water broke
 Fin caught up with Elliot in North Forks
Elliot: What are you doing here?
Fin: There's been an accident
Elliot: Who?
Fin: I'll tell you on the way. Department chopping waiting on us
Elliot: What happened?
 Meanwhile, Kathy lost conscious again before coming to. The Firefighter Captain informed Olivia and Kathy that they were going to cut the roof as they can use the Jaws of Life to free Kathy's legs. Olivia and Kathy were covered by firefighter coats and Kathy's labor contractions were 3 minutes apart. After the roof was cut off, Don came with his cell phone with Elliot on the line. Olivia put it on speakerphone for Kathy
Kathy: El...
Elliot; Hey, I'm here, Babe. You doin' all right?
Kathy: Yeah, Olivia's taking really good care of me
Elliot: Listen, I'm on my way. We're taking a chopper, I'll be with you soon. I love you
Kathy: I can't hear you
Elliot: I love you
Kathy: I love you too
 Firefighters helped Kathy out of the car and into the ambulance. Olivia told Don that Kathy lost a lot of blood. Don assured Kathy and Olivia that patrol was holding traffic from the accident scene to the hospital- they should be there in 10 minutes.
Kathy couldn't hold on anymore
Kathy: This baby's coming now!
Olivia helped Kathy get into birthing position while the paramedic helped deliver the baby boy. The baby started to cry
Olivia: It's a boy!
 Kathy was happy and relieved, holding her baby close before losing conscious and her heart stopped while Olivia took care of the baby
 Elliot rushed to the hospital to Kathy's room, passing Olivia. 
 Kathy was awake, sitting up and holding the baby
Kathy: It's a boy
Elliot put his hand on Kathy's cheek and bent down, putting his forehead on hers. Kathy then gently put the baby in Elliot's arms. 
Elliot smiled at the baby while looking at him
Elliot: Hey little man, welcome to the world. I'm your daddy
Kathy: You are his father
Elliot: I know
Olivia was waiting outside the room when Elliot came out
Olivia: How's the baby
Elliot: Great
Elliot hugged Olivia before leaving
Olivia: Pick a name?
Elliot: Kathy wants to name him after me
Olivia: Just what the world needs- another Elliot Stabler

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