Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Inside the Stabler Home: Bathroom

It seemed that the Stablers had one bedroom in their home (although I doubt it) as one was heavily featured. It seemed to have been upstairs. But was it the hallway bathroom that everybody shared? Or was it in Elliot and Kathy's master bedroom? 

 Compared to season 1's Wanderlust (the very top photo) and this deleted scene from season 2's Wrong is Right, the layout of the bathroom looks the same but the tiles is a different color. The shower curtain looks the same.

The bathroom reappeared again in season 9's Paternity. Could this be in Elliot and Kathy's bedroom or the hallway? The layout kinda looks the same except that the water functions seem to be on the other side compared to Wrong is Right's deleted scene. The shower curtain looks vaguely the same but different too- probably because it was folded up.

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