Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gray (Season 12)

Kathleen was waiting for Olivia at the Take Back the Night rally, but Elliot showed up instead. They hugged
Kathleen: Dad! What are you doing here? Where is Olivia?
Elliot: Liv's-- she's sorry she couldn't make it, she's got kid problems so here I am
Kathleen: Well, just in time- you're up next
Elliot: What do you mean 'up next'? I'm speaking? Well she didn't tell me that. Okay, what am I going to talk about?
Kathleen: How rape is the most common crime on college campuses and how most of it is committed by friends.
Elliot: All right, yeah. SVU 101
Elliot was introduced on stage and before he could speak, Bethany Jennings accused Chuck Mills of rape. Elliot arrested him while Kathleen looked on.

John filled the Detectives in how some colleges have started date-rape lectures for Freshman orientation: "yes means yes"
Elliot: It's okay by me
John: Yeah, you say that now, but didn't you hook up with Kathy over a keg at a fraternity party?
Elliot: Hook up? Number 1: I was never a frat boy and it was a little more romantic than that

Elliot and Olivia went to the Women's Crisis Center at Hudson University to talk to someone who created the Buddy system. She wasn't legally allowed to inform but told Elliot to talk to his daughter.
Kathleen admitted that she was with Bethany as her Buddy because everybody knew that she's sober
Elliot: Why didn't you tell me about Bethany?
Kathleen: Because I knew you'd say that I screwed up
Kathleen told Elliot they went out and she saw the boy she really liked so they went out for coffee. They were gone for 10 minutes when she returned. Bethany and Chuch were already gone. Kathleen tried to call her but no answer. Kathleen started to cry, Elliot hugged her.
Elliot: Okay, okay, okay. You didn't screw up
Kathleen felt guilty. Elliot assured her that they will get Chuck to pay for what he had done. Kathleen gave Elliot the location where she and Bethany went- a bar called the Library 

Kathy was pouring wine for herself and Elliot before she was about to leave the room. Elliot was deep in thought.
Kathy: What, you want a beer instead?
Elliot: No I was just thinking about the first night we met. You know, if we hadn't gotten drunk and all
Kathy: What would've happened?
Elliot: Or not happened?
Kathy: 26 years and 5 kids later and you're asking me this?
Elliot: Yeah
Kathy: Do you know what I remember that night? How much I wanted to kiss you
Elliot: So why didn't you?
Kathy: 'Cause I was scared
Elliot: Really?
Kathy: Yeah
Elliot: It only took me 3 beers to work up a nerve to say hello. Hello
Kathy: Hi
Elliot: Then we both got drunk
Kathy: Really drunk. But not so drunk that I didn't know what I was doing
Elliot got up from his chair over to Kathy, who was now sitting, to kiss her before Kathleen came in interrupting them. She had a file.
Kathleen: Oh come on. Really?
Kathy: Kathleen, I didn't know you were coming home. Do you want some dinner?
Kathleen: No thanks Mom. Just wanted to drop this off
Elliot wanted Kathleen to stay for a minute while he checked out the file. The phone rang so Kathy went to answer it.
On discovery on how Kathleen got Chuck Mills's disciplinary file from the Dean's office (taken by the boy Kathleen liked), Elliot told her he couldn't use it. She told him that he's legally safe because he didn't ask her to take it- she did it on her own. Kathleen kissed her father on the cheek and left.

Sonya was furious after finding out that Elliot got Chuck's file from Kathleen. She was trying to help. Sonya wanted to subpoena Kathleen to testify.
Elliot: You're not going to subpoena my daughter
Sonya: You left me no choice

Later, Elliot went to Sonya's office to convince her not to subpoena Kathleen. Hudson will kick her out. Sonya hoped that she won't perjure herself to protect Elliot, who defended that his access to the file was legal.
Elliot: I'm not going to lie on the stand. And what- go to prison, lose my job and my pension? Can't feed my wife and family? What, for Mills? know what it's like when everything falls apart. Please don't do this to my child
Sonya: A confidential informant gave you Chuck's file. Kathleen's name will never be part of this. Understand?
Elliot: Thank you

Note: This episode was the final appearance of Kathleen

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