Friday, April 26, 2013

Elliot's Retirement

In the 12th season finale, Elliot shot Jenna Fox, a teenager who came in the squad with a gun she smuggled in after buying it on the street. She was shooting at the men who were involved in the rape and murder of her mother; Jenna also murdered Sister Peg, an innocent bystander.
In the 13th season's opener, although Elliot was eventually cleared of the shooting after being on Administration leave, the IAB started to investigate Elliot's entire jacket as it was his sixth shooting. If he wanted to keep his job, Elliot would have to go in a psych evaluation and anger management- it was up to him. Olivia tried to contact Eliot but he wouldn't respond. Fin thought that Elliot didn't want to talk to her to talk him out of quitting. After shooting a teen girl, Elliot may not want to put his gun on again. Don soon told Olivia that Elliot put his papers in- there was nothing he could do. Olivia was upset over the news. Don soon made Olivia to pack up Elliot's desk as they couldn't keep it as a shrine.

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