Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Deleted Scenes

Wrong is Right- On Christopher Meloni's former official site section 'Ask Chris', he revealed that there was a scene where his wife gave him head in the shower. NBC ordered it cut because it was 'too hot' but it was fun to shoot. The scene turned up on the season 2 DVD. Here's the link to read the post

Asunder- Here's the link to read the deleted scene

Goliath- From the description: Meanwhile, Detective Stabler faces some tough personal issues at home with his wife. But the scene(s) were cut out

Sin- Father Dennis visited Elliot at the squad about Kathy's concern over his hesitation to move back home. The scene did not work out with the story

Loophole- Kathy was to take Elliot home from the hospital

Streetwise- Elliot held Eli while arguing with Kathleen about going to college in the West coast

Swing- Elliot visited Bernadette while she was gardening after Kathleen's verdict at the end of the episode

Hell- Elliot used to help Kathy study for her Library Science degree
Turmoil- Kathy visited Elliot at work, wanting her son to come home

Pop- Elliot and Kathy talked- she was being supportive. Rumor has it that Elliot was discussing his abusive relationship with his father

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