Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Asunder (season 2)

The Detectives were investigating a case where a wife accused her husband of rape; topic of saying no to sex
Elliot: I've been married for 16 years, I hear it all the time

Deleted Scene #7
Olivia: You and Kathy fight a lot?
Elliot: Done my share of time on the couch, if that's what you mean. Why?
Olivia: All I'm saying is, you would never mistake "no" for a "yes"
Elliot: Oh, you'd be surprised. I mean, what I mean is, I've learned through trial and error. When women say "Do what you want", what they mean is "no" instead of "yes". I mean, you want your way
Olivia: And men don't? You just cave? Is that right?
Elliot: If they wanna keep the peace, they'd better. I wanna hang out with the guys, Kathy says "Do what you want," what she means is, "Get your ass home now."
Olivia: Well, I think it's nice that you ask permission
Elliot: I wouldn't call it that exactly
Olivia: Well, I would. Look, I'm just saying that it works both ways, right? Kathy wants to buy a new pair of shoes, she has to ask.
Elliot: Anything over $100 we talk
Olivia: Okay?
Elliot: If I say "no", she buys it anyway and hides it in the closet.

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