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Season 12 Shorts

Elliot and Olivia arrived at their new precinct after their old one flooded. Elliot hoped that it will get condemned
Olivia: Not to mention that this place is closer to your house
Elliot: Yeah, something wrong with that?

Elliot was interrogating suspect Eldon Balugh, who was comparing their love for women
Eldon: ...It's as real as the love that you feel for your wife

Elliot went undercover as a sex addict. Courtney was trying to put the moves on him but Elliot kept refusing
Elliot: Courtney, listen to me, my daughter had trouble with drugs, she was promiscuous, but she's clean. You're clean...

Elliot suddenly went missing after getting a lot of text messages to meet with a suspect alone. Don and Fin tried to look for him
Don: You try Kathy?
Fin: She says she hasn't spoken to him since he left the house yesterday

Elliot and Olivia were questioning the mother of an alledged murder suspect about raising children with spoiling and discipline as the world is tough
Mrs. Frye: Clearly you have children
Elliot: I've got 5

Elliot's Retirement

In the 12th season finale, Elliot shot Jenna Fox, a teenager who came in the squad with a gun she smuggled in after buying it on the street. She was shooting at the men who were involved in the rape and murder of her mother; Jenna also murdered Sister Peg, an innocent bystander.
In the 13th season's opener, although Elliot was eventually cleared of the shooting after being on Administration leave, the IAB started to investigate Elliot's entire jacket as it was his sixth shooting. If he wanted to keep his job, Elliot would have to go in a psych evaluation and anger management- it was up to him. Olivia tried to contact Eliot but he wouldn't respond. Fin thought that Elliot didn't want to talk to her to talk him out of quitting. After shooting a teen girl, Elliot may not want to put his gun on again. Don soon told Olivia that Elliot put his papers in- there was nothing he could do. Olivia was upset over the news. Don soon made Olivia to pack up Elliot's desk as they couldn't keep it as a shrine.

Scorched Earth (season 13)

The Detectives were filling in Don about rape suspect Roberto Distasio, who's claiming diplomatic immunity based on being a head of Global Economic Trust
Fin: Too bad Stabler's still out, he would have loved to crack this guy

Olivia went to brief Don- who was meeting with Linus Roach and Alex. While they were talking, Olivia got distracted, staring at Elliot's empty desk. After Olivia left the room, Alex turned to Don
Alex: I heard about the shooting. Is Stabler coming back?
Don: That's up to him

Olivia came in to work and saw the IAB leaving Don's office and went in
Olivia: What does IAB want? That was a good shooting, Captain. Elliot was cleared
Don: On that one. Now Internal Affairs wants to go over his entire jacket
Olivia: Let 'em. There's nothing to find
Don: Liv...If it was his first good shooting, okay. Maybe even his second. But it's his sixth. The whole squad is on notice.
Olivia: So, what, so he's the sacrificed lamb? You're just gonna give him up?
Don: You know me better than that. He's like a son to me. I've been pushing as hard as I can. I just don't know how it's gonna shake out
Olivia: What does that mean?
Don: That means if Elliot wants to keep his job, he's gonna have to submit a psych eval, anger management, a lot of hoops
Olivia: And he'll tell them to go to hell
Olivia stormed out of the office

After Roberto's arrest, Olivia was at the bar waiting for Fin, Amanda and John while trying to call Elliot
Olivia: Look, I don't wanna stalk you but, you know, if you need to talk I'm here
Fin, Amanda and John arrived with details of their case; Fin talk to Olivia
Olivia: Talked to Elliot?
Fin: No
Alex walked in with good news involving their case
Fin: Elliot's probably afraid to talk to you, Liv. Doesn't want you to try to talk him out of it
Olivia: Out of what? He's not going to quit
Fin: He shot a teenage girl. He may not ever wanna put his gun on again

After the trial, Olivia returned to work. Don called her into his office
Don: Elliot put his papers in. There was nothing I could do
Olivia: He's earned it
Don: And then some. You wanna talk?
Olivia: No
Don: You wanna take a day?
Olivia: I'm fine
Don: Liv...I'm sorry
Olivia left his office. A new case came in- Olivia wanted to go but wanted to have a couple of minutes. She went into an empty interrogation room to cry

Note: This episode was the opener of season 13 without Christopher Meloni as Elliot Stabler, who left after season 12 after opting out during contract negogations

Christopher Meloni's Departure

On April 21, 2011, Christopher Meloni filmed his last scene- for Delinquent- as a last minute scene addition (1 out of 3) with Isabel Gillies. On May 24, 2011, it was announced that Christopher left the show after his negotiation meeting for season 13.
"It is true- 12 great years and time for the next chapter" 
-Christopher Meloni's Representative

"It's been an amazing right. Chris loves these people, but after 12 years it's time to go" 
-Bill Butler, Christopher's manager
"For the past 12 years, Chris Meloni has been my partner and friend, both on screen and off. He inspired me every day with his integrity, his extraordinary talent and his commitment to the truth. I love him deeply and will miss him terrible- I'm so excited to see what he'll do next."
-Mariska Hargitay
"I was surprised. We all negotiate separately...I'm not somebody who's dying to leave the show, but at the end of the day you still have to sit down with the execs and hammer it out. So I guess with Chris, it didn't go his way. I'm sad though. Me and Chris have been together a long time. You gotta understand, when you're number 1 or on those shows, you have no life, I mean, they're working 14 hours a day. They're not being greedy, it's really hard."

I Wondered If...

For a few years, I've wondered if there was a possibility that Judge Elizabeth Donnelly could've been the mother of Kathy Stabler? During Christopher's tenure on the show, Elizabeth and Kathy did not share any scenes together nor mentioned one another. However, during seasons 6-8 Kathy and Elliot were separated and she was living with her mother; Kathy did refer 'my parents' in season 1 so that would mean that her mother was still living at that point. As for Judge Donnelly, she mentioned that she was married. Another point is that Judge Donnelly did know about Kathleen's DUI arrest and 'cover up'.
Elliot and Kathy also had a daughter named Elizabeth (although, granted, that name is very commonly used). Kathy was blonde like Judge Elizabeth. Elliot also visited the Judge at home regarding a case; she also represented him as his attorney when he (and Casey Novak) was sued. Now that Christopher is gone, the idea is still as wishful thinking as it was before. I'm sure also it's impossible as conflict of interest and legal issues and whatnot.

Whose Side Are You On?

In Season 1, Elliot was on the left (or right side, depending on how you look at it) and Kathy was on the right
 In Season 8, Elliot continued to sleep on the left side however this time alone

 In season 9, Elliot and Kathy seemed to have switched sides- Elliot on the right and Kathy on the left
 In season 10 (one year later), they switched places!
In season 12, they switched again!

I find that rather humorous because in such shows like "Bewitched", "I Love Lucy", "Everybody Loves Raymond" where it shows a married couple in bed they pretty much stick to 1 side during the tenure of the shows. Meanwhile Elliot and Kathy seemed to like 'musical sides'. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Inside the Stabler Home: Bathroom

It seemed that the Stablers had one bedroom in their home (although I doubt it) as one was heavily featured. It seemed to have been upstairs. But was it the hallway bathroom that everybody shared? Or was it in Elliot and Kathy's master bedroom? 

 Compared to season 1's Wanderlust (the very top photo) and this deleted scene from season 2's Wrong is Right, the layout of the bathroom looks the same but the tiles is a different color. The shower curtain looks the same.

The bathroom reappeared again in season 9's Paternity. Could this be in Elliot and Kathy's bedroom or the hallway? The layout kinda looks the same except that the water functions seem to be on the other side compared to Wrong is Right's deleted scene. The shower curtain looks vaguely the same but different too- probably because it was folded up.

Paternity (season 9)

Elliot brought Tommy Keegan home for a bath and fresh clothes while the other Detectives were searching for his parents. Tommy was instantly attached to Elliot.
Elliot: It's been a long time since we've done this, huh?
Kathy: 15 years. You ready to do it all over again?
Elliot: Still think it's a girl?
Kathy: Mm-hmm I haven't been wrong yet
Elliot: That's true
Kathy: But you really want a boy
Elliot: I want it healthy. Just want a healthy baby
Kathy: Tell the truth
Elliot: Well the little guy is cute, I mean, you got to admit that
Kathy: We can't keep him
Elliot: I know

After finding out that Tommy wasn't his biological son, Jake Keegan was devastated. Elliot was trying to comfort him. Tommy was still his son in many ways
Jake: You must have kids
Elliot: Yeah
Jake: What if you found out that one of them wasn't yours? After all the years of hugging them, and holding their hands, you know, wiping their tears. How would you feel?
 Elliot was getting settled in at home; Kathy was talking to him until realizing that he wasn't paying attention
Kathy: I have a Doctor's appointment tomorrow by my car is still in the shop
Elliot: Mm-Hmm
Kathy: So I guess I will ride my bike
Elliot: Okay
Kathy: You're not listening to me
Elliot: Sorry?
Kathy: My appointment tomorrow?
Elliot: Yeah, I'll take you
Kathy: Okay
Elliot: Hey, when we were separated, did you see anyone?
Kathy: Did you?
Elliot: Yeah

Elliot's cell phone rang- he hung up before answering. Elliot wanted Kathy to answer his question
Elliot: Did you?
Kathy: Yeah
Elliot: Who?
Kathy: I went out a couple of dates. No one you know
Elliot: Did you sleep with him?
Kathy: Why are you doing this?
Elliot: Just answer the question
Kathy: What is the point of this, Elliot? Are you asking me if this is your child?
Elliot's cell phone rang again and to avoid Kathy's question, he answered (it was Olivia) before leaving.

 Afterwards, Elliot was in bed, lying away and staring at Kathy's pregnant belly, thinking.
The next day, Don told Elliot and Olivia that they had to attend an emergency family court hearing about Tommy
Elliot: I gotta pick up Kathy, bring her to the OB for a check up
Chester brought in Tommy, claiming that he was there for an appointment while Jake had an errand. Elliot didn't have an appointment- they realized that something was terribly wrong.

After finding Leah Keegan's dead body, Elliot figured that Jake went to North Forks (3 hours away from the City) to do murder-suicide. But Olivia stopped him
Olivia: Hey, hey, what about Kathy's appointment?
Elliot: I forgot
Olivia: I'll take her

After Elliot confronted and arrested Jake, Olivia called him from her car
Elliot: What do you got?
Olivia: Is Jake Keegan in custody?
Elliot: Yeah. You got Kathy?
Olivia: Picked her up right on time
Kathy: Unlike some people
Elliot: Yeah, okay. Well call me, tell me what the Doctor says, okay?
Kathy: I will. Love you
Elliot: I love you too (to Olivia) Liv, thanks
Olivia: No problem.
Olivia hung up. A few seconds later, a car crashed into Olivia's car on Kathy's passenger side. They were unconscious. 
 Olivia woke up first. She checked for Kathy's pulse and went on her walkie-talkie to call for help. Kathy's legs were pinned down by the dashboard. 
Olivia: 53 at 151 and McCombs. The victim is a pregnant wife of an M.O.S. Rush a bus and the fire department
Olivia managed to get out of the car when the ambulance and the fire department arrived. Firefighters deactivated the tires as Kathy's airbag didn't employ.
 Once the car was stable, Olivia wedged herself into the backseat to help the paramedics to insert an IV in Kathy's arm and to put a neckbrace on her neck. Kathy's heart rate was up and was dehydrated. Kathy came to; Olivia reassured her that everything's okay.
Kathy: Hurry. My water broke
 Fin caught up with Elliot in North Forks
Elliot: What are you doing here?
Fin: There's been an accident
Elliot: Who?
Fin: I'll tell you on the way. Department chopping waiting on us
Elliot: What happened?
 Meanwhile, Kathy lost conscious again before coming to. The Firefighter Captain informed Olivia and Kathy that they were going to cut the roof as they can use the Jaws of Life to free Kathy's legs. Olivia and Kathy were covered by firefighter coats and Kathy's labor contractions were 3 minutes apart. After the roof was cut off, Don came with his cell phone with Elliot on the line. Olivia put it on speakerphone for Kathy
Kathy: El...
Elliot; Hey, I'm here, Babe. You doin' all right?
Kathy: Yeah, Olivia's taking really good care of me
Elliot: Listen, I'm on my way. We're taking a chopper, I'll be with you soon. I love you
Kathy: I can't hear you
Elliot: I love you
Kathy: I love you too
 Firefighters helped Kathy out of the car and into the ambulance. Olivia told Don that Kathy lost a lot of blood. Don assured Kathy and Olivia that patrol was holding traffic from the accident scene to the hospital- they should be there in 10 minutes.
Kathy couldn't hold on anymore
Kathy: This baby's coming now!
Olivia helped Kathy get into birthing position while the paramedic helped deliver the baby boy. The baby started to cry
Olivia: It's a boy!
 Kathy was happy and relieved, holding her baby close before losing conscious and her heart stopped while Olivia took care of the baby
 Elliot rushed to the hospital to Kathy's room, passing Olivia. 
 Kathy was awake, sitting up and holding the baby
Kathy: It's a boy
Elliot put his hand on Kathy's cheek and bent down, putting his forehead on hers. Kathy then gently put the baby in Elliot's arms. 
Elliot smiled at the baby while looking at him
Elliot: Hey little man, welcome to the world. I'm your daddy
Kathy: You are his father
Elliot: I know
Olivia was waiting outside the room when Elliot came out
Olivia: How's the baby
Elliot: Great
Elliot hugged Olivia before leaving
Olivia: Pick a name?
Elliot: Kathy wants to name him after me
Olivia: Just what the world needs- another Elliot Stabler

Who's Eli's Daddy?

While Kathy was pregnant with Eli, Elliot was involved in a case where a young boy's paternity turned out to be the product of his mom's affair after it was long believed that her husband was the father. The father was devastated after he found out the truth; he asked Elliot "What if?" one of his children turned out not to be his? Elliot then questioned if he was the biological father of Kathy's unborn baby. Elliot tried to question Kathy about the time while they were separated- if she saw anyone? Kathy admitted that she did date (nobody Elliot knew). He then asked if she slept with him but Kathy wanted to know why he's doing this? He wanted to know until Kathy questioned if he was really asking her if the child was his? But Elliot was called away before answering her. The next day, it wasn't until after the baby was born and Elliot was holding him that Kathy told him that he was the father. Elliot knew. 
He must have thought back in retrospective while rushing to Kathy's side after her car accident. It was true that Elliot and Kathy were still separated at the time of conception. Although they were also considering to get back together. Elliot turned to Kathy after a case rattled him; he saw their children safe and sleeping soundly. Kathy invited Elliot to stay. They made love that night on March 23 (according to those DUN DUN banner dates). On May 16, Kathy informed Elliot that she was pregnant- about 8 weeks/2 months and he did not questioned at all if he was the father. Elliot was stunned but he moved back home and started to look forward to the birth. He worked for SVU where paternity issues came up often but it never occurred to him until that particular case. Since that brief doubt, Elliot never questioned it again- Eli was indeed his son. 
Former Executive Producer Neal Baer confirmed it on this twitter when he was bombarded by that question.
In my opinion: I honestly believe that Kathy would never lie to Elliot- why would she? They've been together for a long time and after being in a car accident and was close to losing her life, there's no reason to lie about the paternity. Kathy looked stunned herself when she told Elliot that she was pregnant. Kathy seemed the type that if she's going to have a baby with a man, then she would want that man to be involved in the child's life. In addition: Elliot sure picked a bad time to questioned the paternity issue. It would've been better at the moment Kathy told him that she was pregnant/before he moved back home. Not when she's about to pop!

Gray (Season 12)

Kathleen was waiting for Olivia at the Take Back the Night rally, but Elliot showed up instead. They hugged
Kathleen: Dad! What are you doing here? Where is Olivia?
Elliot: Liv's-- she's sorry she couldn't make it, she's got kid problems so here I am
Kathleen: Well, just in time- you're up next
Elliot: What do you mean 'up next'? I'm speaking? Well she didn't tell me that. Okay, what am I going to talk about?
Kathleen: How rape is the most common crime on college campuses and how most of it is committed by friends.
Elliot: All right, yeah. SVU 101
Elliot was introduced on stage and before he could speak, Bethany Jennings accused Chuck Mills of rape. Elliot arrested him while Kathleen looked on.

John filled the Detectives in how some colleges have started date-rape lectures for Freshman orientation: "yes means yes"
Elliot: It's okay by me
John: Yeah, you say that now, but didn't you hook up with Kathy over a keg at a fraternity party?
Elliot: Hook up? Number 1: I was never a frat boy and it was a little more romantic than that

Elliot and Olivia went to the Women's Crisis Center at Hudson University to talk to someone who created the Buddy system. She wasn't legally allowed to inform but told Elliot to talk to his daughter.
Kathleen admitted that she was with Bethany as her Buddy because everybody knew that she's sober
Elliot: Why didn't you tell me about Bethany?
Kathleen: Because I knew you'd say that I screwed up
Kathleen told Elliot they went out and she saw the boy she really liked so they went out for coffee. They were gone for 10 minutes when she returned. Bethany and Chuch were already gone. Kathleen tried to call her but no answer. Kathleen started to cry, Elliot hugged her.
Elliot: Okay, okay, okay. You didn't screw up
Kathleen felt guilty. Elliot assured her that they will get Chuck to pay for what he had done. Kathleen gave Elliot the location where she and Bethany went- a bar called the Library 

Kathy was pouring wine for herself and Elliot before she was about to leave the room. Elliot was deep in thought.
Kathy: What, you want a beer instead?
Elliot: No I was just thinking about the first night we met. You know, if we hadn't gotten drunk and all
Kathy: What would've happened?
Elliot: Or not happened?
Kathy: 26 years and 5 kids later and you're asking me this?
Elliot: Yeah
Kathy: Do you know what I remember that night? How much I wanted to kiss you
Elliot: So why didn't you?
Kathy: 'Cause I was scared
Elliot: Really?
Kathy: Yeah
Elliot: It only took me 3 beers to work up a nerve to say hello. Hello
Kathy: Hi
Elliot: Then we both got drunk
Kathy: Really drunk. But not so drunk that I didn't know what I was doing
Elliot got up from his chair over to Kathy, who was now sitting, to kiss her before Kathleen came in interrupting them. She had a file.
Kathleen: Oh come on. Really?
Kathy: Kathleen, I didn't know you were coming home. Do you want some dinner?
Kathleen: No thanks Mom. Just wanted to drop this off
Elliot wanted Kathleen to stay for a minute while he checked out the file. The phone rang so Kathy went to answer it.
On discovery on how Kathleen got Chuck Mills's disciplinary file from the Dean's office (taken by the boy Kathleen liked), Elliot told her he couldn't use it. She told him that he's legally safe because he didn't ask her to take it- she did it on her own. Kathleen kissed her father on the cheek and left.

Sonya was furious after finding out that Elliot got Chuck's file from Kathleen. She was trying to help. Sonya wanted to subpoena Kathleen to testify.
Elliot: You're not going to subpoena my daughter
Sonya: You left me no choice

Later, Elliot went to Sonya's office to convince her not to subpoena Kathleen. Hudson will kick her out. Sonya hoped that she won't perjure herself to protect Elliot, who defended that his access to the file was legal.
Elliot: I'm not going to lie on the stand. And what- go to prison, lose my job and my pension? Can't feed my wife and family? What, for Mills? know what it's like when everything falls apart. Please don't do this to my child
Sonya: A confidential informant gave you Chuck's file. Kathleen's name will never be part of this. Understand?
Elliot: Thank you

Note: This episode was the final appearance of Kathleen

Screwed (season 8)

Kathy visited Elliot at work. Elliot was concerned from the look on Kathy's face. She wanted to talk to him, so Elliot took her to the crib for privacy.
Elliot: The kids all right?
Kathy: They're fine
Elliot: But you're not
Kathy: You said you wanted to work things out. You said that you were ready to come home
Elliot: Look, Kathy, I'm sorry--
Kathy: I don't care. Not about my pride or my ego or anything else. I need you to come home now, Elliot. Not for the kids. For me.
Elliot: What's changed?
Kathy: I'm pregnant
The next day, Elliot was zombie-like. While waiting to testify in court for Darius Parker's trial, Olivia noticed Elliot was pacing and kept checking his watch
Olivia: Elliot
Elliot: Yeah
Olivia: You checked the time 2 minutes ago. What's going on?
Elliot: Kathy's pregnant
Olivia: I didn't know you went back home. 
Elliot: I haven't. I'm pathetic. Fumbling around like a kid
Olivia: So what are you gonna do?
Elliot: What do you mean by that?
Before Olivia could answer, Darius's attorney Matt Braedon approached them to let Elliot know that he's on after lunch and Olivia wasn't needed today

On the witness stand, Matt asked Elliot questions about his involvement in his daughter's 2005 DUI arrest. Elliot denied having any involvement in covering his daughter's arrest, making it disappear. Judge Elizabeth Donnelly stopped the court proceedings due to her personal knowledge of the matter. She must recuse herself.
In Judge Donnelly's chambers, she explained to Matt, Darius, Casey and Elliot her decision as Elliot was very close to perjuring himself. Judge Donnelly resurrected Kathleen's DUI arrest and advised Elliot to get his daughter a good lawyer. He better hope for a suspended license, a fine and probation.
Kathleen was arrested outside her home with her father at her side, trying to comfort her. Elliot stood at the street while the police drove Kathleen away.