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Swing (season 10)

 A woman was showering and singing when a man came in, yelling at her to get out of his house. She jumped out of the window. Mr. Foster filled Olivia in until Elliot arrived at the scene, pissed off by the silliness of the case. Olivia had called him in with a surprise in the evidence bag
Olivia: Because she's your daughter
Elliot: Kathleen
Elliot went in the Foster home to do damage control as a misunderstanding from a drunk college girl. Olivia tried to stop him but no. Mr. and Mrs. Foster realized that Elliot was trying to cover up the crime when they found out that he was Kathleen's father. Elliot was told to leave.
Elliot went outside where Olivia was talking to a neighbor who knew Kathleen and tried to locate her.
 Elliot and Olivia went to Riverside Park; Elliot was worried about Kathleen. They saw her swinging at a playground. Kathleen was happy to see them and wanted Elliot to swing as if he was an astronaut floating in space. Elliot turned her down, taking Kathleen home. She didn't want to go.
 Kathleen was in her room brushing her hair when Elliot came in to talk
Kathleen: I don't want to talk about it Dad
Elliot: That's not an option
Kathleen: Fine. Yell at me, I don't care
Elliot: Kathleen, I don't want to fight with you. But you're in a lot of trouble here. You broke into someone's house
Kathleen: I didn't break in. The window was open
Elliot: That-- don't try to play me. you know legally it's a crime
Meanwhile, Kathleen took off a sterling diamond necklace and put it in her desk. Elliot was going to try to fix things so they won't get worst. But Kathleen had to tell him what happened. She claimed she had a pill from this girl and that it was her first time she took anything that was harder than vodka. Kathleen's sorry that she screwed up again. Elliot hugged her. Kathy came in with a cup of cocoa while Elliot went to leave
Kathy: Where you going?
Elliot: To find out who's pushing pills at Hudson
Elliot spoke to Julia, Kathleen's best friend and roommate, who filled him in on her wild behavior and being with lots of guys. Julia referred Elliot to Mikki Braithwaite, Kathleen's new best friend.
When Elliot approached her, Mikki mocked as a scared person being a terrible influence to Kathleen. Elliot searched her bookbag and found cocaine. He arrested her while Mikki quietly told him that she's really an undercover cop named Nikki Brisling from Narcotics; she wanted him to make the arrest look real.
Nikki filled Elliot in about her operation: Kathleen wasn't dealing, just using cocaine and downers (Valium). Elliot wanted to know who was dealing but Nikki refused- he knew better. Fin interrupted
Fin: Your wife's downstairs and she's upset
 Elliot quickly went downstairs to find Kathy with Eli in her arms
Elliot: Kathy, what's wrong?
Kathy: Kathleen's gone. She's gone!
Elliot: What do you mean she's gone? What happened?
Kathy: She said she was hungry so I made her a sandwich and when I took it up to her room, she'd snuck out of the window and down the oak tree
Elliot: What the hell were you thinking? Why didn't you just stay with her?
Kathy: Don't blame this on me!
Elliot: We'll find her, we'll find her
Kathy: Maybe she went back to Hudson?
Elliot: No, I don't think so. She's got some tension with her roommate
Kathy: Where do we start?
Nikki: I have an idea
Kathy (to Elliot): Who's she?
Elliot (to Kathy): It's a long story (to Nikki): What do you got?
Nikki told Elliot and Fin to check an abandoned dry cleaners where students like to go to get high. Elliot and Fin rushed off.
 Elliot and Fin found Kathleen passed out with a young man on top of her who they pulled off. Elliot realized that Kathleen overdosed (she took a punch of pills)- he lifted her up and rushed to the hospital
 Elliot watched the Doctor and nurses treat Kathleen for her overdose by pumping her stomach. A nurse spotted Elliot watching and closed the blinds.
 Dr. Parnell filled Elliot and Kathy in about Kathleen's condition- she has Bipolar disorder and had been self-medicating. Kathy asked questions about dealing with the disorder to help Kathleen until Elliot didn't want to hear anymore. He rushed out despite Kathy's objection, claiming he needed some air.
Elliot came out to the parking lot, frustrated; Don and Olivia arrived with news. Mr. and Mrs. Foster reported theft on a sterling diamond necklace, an antique family heirloom. Elliot thought maybe it was a mistake or a con- but they want an arrest. 
Elliot turned to Kim for help but she couldn't discuss it with him. But she advised Elliot to get a good attorney and admit her to a mental health facility if Kathleen admits she's sick.
 Elliot hired Carolyn Maddox and took her to meet Kathleen. But he wasn't allowed to be in the room for the introduction. Olivia came by with Detectives Carman and Jawarski to arrest Kathleen. Kathleen angrily ran out of her room, refusing to admit she's sick. Elliot didn't want her to be arrested but Kathleen did. Olivia promised Elliot that she'll stay with Kathleen as long as she could.
 Elliot and Kathy were waiting to meet with Carolyn, who just visited Kathleen in Central Booking. Kathleen was doing fine, perfectly safe. They discussed the Foster case- Kathleen was still refusing to admit she's sick so another option was to put the victims on trial. Kathy had a bit of a problem with that idea
Kathy: You want to lie to the Judge?
Elliot: We don't know what happened that night, Kathy
Kathy (to Elliot): Kathleen knows (to Carolyn): Why don't you ask her?
Carolyn: I don't want the truth, I just need a plausible story that gives the jury reasonable doubt
Kathy (to Elliot): You're constantly complaining about the dirty tricks that defense attornies play, and now you want to--
Elliot: That's work. This is about Kathleen
Kathy: No. This is about you
Elliot: Don't go there. I'm not going there. Don't go there
Carolyn realized that there's more to the story and offered a new option: Bipolar disorder runs in families. Show family history to the court. It's up to Elliot. 
 A woman answered the door, thinking that it was her friend Gladys. But she was surprised to see Elliot
Bernadette: Elliot
Elliot: Hi Mom
Bernadette invited Elliot into her home to make himself comfortable while she made a call to cancel with Gladys. Bernadette fixed herself and Elliot some lemonade.
Bernadette: It's so wonderful to see you, Elliot. You look great. How long has it been?
Elliot: I don't know. A couple of years
Bernadette: You didn't call me when Eli was born
Elliot: Kathy did
Bernadette: Well...How is everyone?
Elliot: Everyone's fine
But Bernadette could tell Elliot was lying. He filled her in on Kathleen's arrest and needed her help: Bernadette needed to go to the court to tell the Judge that she's sick. Bernadette was livid. She had done some crazy flamboyance antics that were fantasies. She needed to go outside for some air.
 Elliot went after her. He didn't mean to upset his mother, he just wanted to help Kathleen
Bernadette: Was I a bad mother?
Elliot: No
Bernadette: Well then how come I haven't seen you for the last 3 years? Every time I go to the city, I see Kathy and the kids, but you are never home
Elliot: Mom, it's the job. Things come up. I gotta do overtime
Bernadette: I heard that line for 27 years. Every time your father didn't want to do something, he suddenly had to do a double. You've been avoiding me!
Elliot: I'm avoiding you?
Bernadette: Yes
Elliot: The minute Dad dies, you sell the house and leave town, and I'm avoiding you?
Bernadette: Well, what was I supposed to do? Spend the rest of my life on my knees saying my rosary, praying for his immortal soul?
Elliot: He sure as hell needed it
Bernadette: And then some
Bernadette knew that that life wasn't for her, she wanted to breathe
Elliot: Couldn't breathe around your own son?
Bernadette: You didn't need me, until now
Elliot: You're wrong. I always need you in my life
Bernadette: But it wasn't you life, it isn't your life. You're living your father's life all over again. If you could find a way to be your own man
Elliot: I knew this was a mistake
 Elliot started to walk away but Bernadette continued; Elliot used to want to be an architect when he was little. Elliot denied it- it was kids stuff- he wanted to be a cop
Bernadette: It was your passion! Where is it? Where did it go?
Elliot: Into responsibilities! Into taking care of my children! I don't have the luxury to stay in bed for 3 days when things don't go my way!
Bernadette was starting to get upset again. Elliot apologized but wanted her to admit she's sick. Bernadette decided that she wanted to build a sandcastle like they used to do when Elliot was little (while Elliot remembered more about that day) and got lost into her world. Elliot had enough and left.
Later that night, Elliot went to the Fosters home to apologize what Kathleen had done and returned the necklace- he wasn't supposed to do that. Elliot believed that jail was the only way to save Kathleen.
 In court, Kathy and Elliot sat behind Kathleen for her arraignment. ADA Kirsten Torres mentioned the returned stolen necklace which shocked Kathy, Kathleen, and Carolyn. Kathleen lost her temper and attempted to attack Elliot but was pulled away by guards.
 Kathy was stunned. Elliot thought Kathleen will get the help she needed by being forced to take medication. Kathy slapped Elliot before leaving
Kathy: You bastard!
 Elliot was lying on a bunk bed in the crib when Olivia came in
Elliot: Kathy called?
Olivia: Yeah
Elliot: I'm in the doghouse with her
Olivia: Yeah
Elliot thought that he was in Olivia's doghouse as well. Olivia had been partners with Elliot for 11 years and he never mentioned his mother to her. Elliot made sure that the subject of his mother never came up- as things happen and he dealt with it, moving on. But losing his temper hadn't helped while bottling up his feelings.
Olivia:...Kathleen may be sick, but you're the one with the problem
Elliot: I'm through the looking glass her, Liv. I never thought I'd see my daughter locked up or glad she's in Rikers
Olivia: It sounds like you got it all worked out
Elliot: It was the only option I had.
Olivia leaves while Elliot went back to lay down.
 Olivia met up with Bernadette at a restaurant, meeting each other for the first time.
Bernadette: Well, I can see why you scare the pants off of Kathy. I was always grateful that there weren't women in the department in my day. Of course, Joe made do with chasing nurses...Does he ever talk about me?
Olivia: Today was the first time. I've always thought that--
Bernadette: I was dead? Yeah my boy plays it pretty close to the vest. Gets that from his father.
Olivia wanted to talk to Bernadette about Kathleen while Bernadette wanted to show Olivia pictures of Elliot when he was young. Elliot had erased his childhood after Bernadette made certain choices but she tried to be a good mother. Bernadette had never seen a Doctor as eccentricity was tolerated then, but Joe one time had her committed. They tied her down and forced pills down her throat. Bernadette accepted for who she was and lived life on her own terms.
 Olivia took Bernadette to see Kathleen in jail. Bernadette and Kathleen were partners in crime, always had fun. But Kathleen crashed and burned, she thought Elliot hated her. But he doesn't- or else he would've walked away. Bernadette told Kathleen a story when she and Elliot went out during a terrible blizzard- she wanted to chase after snowflakes. Bernadette pretended that the car was a sled until she crashed into a telephone pole. Elliot was scared, he begged his mother to stop and broke his arm. Elliot never told Kathleen the story. Kathleen needed to take responsibility for her actions and not pay the price like Bernadette. After the visit, Bernadette asked Olivia to not tell Elliot about the visit.
In court, Elliot was standing at the doorway while Olivia and Kathy sat behind Kathleen. Kathleen pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor and enter an in-patient psychiatric treatment. The Fosters accepted the deal. Judge Alan Rideanour accepted the plea. Charges will be dismissed when Kathleen complete her treatment, and she'll regularly take her medication, and check in in 6 months on her progress.
Elliot was surprised, wondering what just happened? Olivia told him that maybe God remembered how cute he was as a carrot when he was young (from the picture that Bernadette showed her) before leaving. Kathy and Kathleen hugged before leaving.

Note: Ellen Burstyn won an Emmy for Outstanding Best Special Guest Actress in a Drama series for this episode.
-It was Bernadette's one and only appearance on the show

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