Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shaken (Season 5)

Elliot went to see Lucy Prichard, victim of Shaken Baby syndrome by her mom Evelyn, who didn't want to pull the plug.
Evelyn: Do you have children, Detective?
Elliot: I do, I have 4. And I can't imagine the pain you're going through to see your baby like this
Elliot: I love my children and if one of them was sick, I would do anything in the world to make them better. But I would also pray to God when all hope were gone He'd give me that strength just to end their suffering.

Don finds Elliot in the bar to tell him that Lucy died and Evelyn was going to jail. Elliot had been drinking and a memory was haunting him while looking at a picture of toddler Maureen.
Elliot: That's Maureen, about Lucy's age. I'd just gotten out of the Marines. I was unemployed. Kathy was pregnant again. One night she went out and I was home alone with Maureen. She spilled grape juice all over this brand new carpet, which we couldn't afford to buy. I grabbed her arm to spank her and she twisted away, and I slapped her in the face. As my hand was coming down the second time...this voice in my head said 'Stop'. So, I'm standing there in the middle of this room, holding the limp body of my little girl. She starts crying and I picked her up and I just keeping saying over and over 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry'. I could have killed my kid over a lousy carpet
Don drove Elliot home.

Note: Christopher used a picture of his real-life daughter, Sophia, as Maureen. Sophia was a toddler during the time of the taping.

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