Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Season 6 Shorts

The Detectives needed time to talk to any potential witnesses before their suspect was transported to jail
Elliot: Kathy's cousin works Central Booking

Elliot showed a picture of Tandi McCain, who was missing and found (alive), to a store clerk of a deli who Elliot believed wanted some media attention
Olivia: He didn't recognize Tandi's photo?
Elliot: Recognized my daughter Kathleen

Elliot and Casey spoke outside the courthouse after a trial
Elliot:...I spend my life looking up skells for murdering children. System says they go away to prison. Fine. But if it where my son that was lying on that slab, I don't know what my rage would make me do.

Elliot has been showing interest in Dr. Rebecca Hendrix, who used to be a cop, while working on a case
Olivia: You know, I get that you are on a rebound and everything, but if you could keep it out of work, that'd be great

Elliot and Olivia allowed suspect twins Logan and Lindsay Straton to see each other. They started to talk in a different language which Elliot and Olivia tried to stop.
Elliot: My twins had one when they were young

Elliot filled Olivia in on where Carrie Eldridge will be going to jail.
Elliot: Look, I saw my daughter going out with an older man. Sometimes it's hard to keep your own crap out of work

Elliot and John were investigating a case about organ donation. John's an organ donor despite being Jewish
John: What about you?
Elliot: I told Kathy I wanna

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