Friday, March 22, 2013

Season 10 Shorts

Elliot, Olivia and Kim were looking at real uncut diamonds found on their rape victim
Elliot: Looks like the stuff at the bottom of my son's fishbowl
Olivia: OK, if those were keeping Dickie's first company, all 3 of us could retire

Elliot and Olivia were questioning the wife of an attacked victim and their son was a young transgender
Elliot: A lot of boys go through dress up phases. My oldest son wore his mom's high heels
Ellen Van Kuren: Did your son try to cut off his penis with nail clippers and scream 'God made a mistake!'?...It's not a phase, Detective

The Detectives were discussing Monica Stewart's decision not to vaccinate her young son Lucas, who affected the late toddler Sierra Walker with measles
Elliot: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Sierra got the measles from Monica's son and died. Now all of the sudden, my little boy's at risk because of some nutcase mom?

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