Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Personal Fouls (season 13)

Olivia discovered that there's going to be another new Detective joining the unit- she wasn't pleased. Olivia thought that it was difficult enough to train one rookie the ropes- they are not a day care center. Don told her that they were short staffed and reminded her something else:
Don: Elliot's not coming back, Liv
Olivia continued to protest about the difficulty of juggling the training- but it's not her call. If Olivia wanted to stay, she has to work with the other Detectives.
Don: ...All right? Let him go. And you can start by packing up his desk. We can't keep it as a shrine.
Olivia glared at Don before leaving.
Olivia packed up Elliot's desk, pausing a moment to look at a picture of Elliot and Eli. Meanwhile, Fin watched Olivia until he was given a new case.

The next day, Nick Amaro joined the squad and after being cleaned up, he went out with Fin for his first case
Nick: Can I ask you something? What's the deal with Benson's partner? I heard some things
Fin: Stabler...He was a good cop. He and Benson were together 12 years. That's a decade longer than my marriage.

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