Friday, March 22, 2013

Inside the Stabler Home: Kitchen

 In the first season, there was an island and a backdoor as well as a table for family meals (kitchen nook?)
 However in the second season, while the kitchen remained the same as seen in above & bottom photos, the backdoor was replaced by a wall (which possibly has a hallway in between due to the shadow) with a closed white door behind Maureen. However the island that was in the first season seemed to have turned into a table?

In Pixies from the second season, Maureen seems to be working on the island that was turned into a table. They probably took out the casual-everyday family table (nook?) and used the island as the table and getting high chairs (not the baby kind)
 In the third season, the kitchen and island/table remains the same
 But there's noticeable changes in the kitchen from season 6's Game. The backdoor is now on the right side with the sink/dishwater behind Elliot. There's also black & white wallpaper

 There's a strong possible chance that these were taken at Kathy's mother's house? Or back at the Stabler home (at this point in Annihilated, although Elliot wanted to move back home, he had his own little apartment while Kathy and the kids could've moved back to the family home- more about the house in another post entry)? Well let's pretend that this is the Stabler home as I'm 95% sure that this is it-- there's different dining room/nook/island chairs that are black (maybe made of brass or something metal-like) rather than brown/wood as it was in the earlier seasons. There's a backdoor that seemed to have been next to the fridge from where Elliot was drinking orange juice earlier and there's also white cabinets behind him on the other side.

By the 11th season it's a very obvious change of the kitchen- everything seemed close together compared to the first 3 seasons. The kitchen nook table is back (very different, including the chairs) and instead of a backdoor, it's a sliding door. Also, you don't see the open-ness of the kitchen to the living room and entry as you can see in the earlier seasons where it all looks like one room while this time around it seems to be in different compartments.

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