Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Game (season 6)

 Elliot and Fin filled Don in with updates on their case when Elliot realized his son was looking over the crime scene photos
Don: Oh, Kathy dropped him off about 5 minutes ago. Said couldn't wait.
Elliot: Dickie's staying with me for a few nights (to Dickie:) Say, kiddo! Stop looking at that stuff
Dickie: Is that woman dead?
Elliot: Yes she is
Dickie: How'd she die?
Elliot: She was hit by a car
Dickie: An accident?
Elliot: No. The car drove up on the sidewalk
Dickie: Did they take her money?
Elliot: Yeah they did. Let's get something to eat
Dickie: I bet they beat her up too
Elliot: Why would you say that?
Dickie: It's just like that game, isn't it?
Elliot: What game?
Dickie: NtenCity
Elliot (to Fin and Don): Cap, Fin, have you ever heard of a game called NtenCity?
 Dickie showed Elliot, Don and Fin the computer game, NtenCity, explaining how the game worked
Elliot: Where did you learn this?
Dickie: Everyone plays it
Once they got the idea, Don stopped the game. They got a new lead.
After the trial, Elliot was washing the dishes while Dickie played with his little video game
Elliot: We won the case today. Two guilty verdicts
Dickie: That's good
Elliot: What are you playing?
Dickie: Hockey...Got him! What a hit!
Elliot: Do you have to play that all the time?
Dickie: Why not? I like it
Elliot: I know, but maybe we can play something together, you know?
Dickie: Like what?
Elliot: I don't know, cards? Scrabble? Or maybe we can just talk?
Dickie: Okay. Talk.

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