Monday, March 25, 2013

Fin the Baby Sitter?

I do have every reason to believe that in the episode Swing (season 10), at one point Fin baby-sat Eli while Kathy was visiting Kathleen in the hospital room. There was no scene of Fin and Eli together so it's alleged but to me, it makes perfect sense:
 Kathy came over to the squad with Eli when she told Elliot that Kathleen was missing...Fin knew that Kathy was upset and overheard their conversation while lurking in the background
 Fin went along with Elliot to find Kathleen, who overdosed. Obviously, Elliot's mind would be instantly to take his daughter to the hospital- not first drop Fin off at the squad. I do think Kathy and Eli stayed at the squad while Elliot and Fin rushed out to find Kathleen until she got the call to go to a hospital, rushed over.
Kathy at Kathleen's hospital bedside with no Eli in sight. Elliot was also in the room while talking to the Doctor, so Eli wasn't with his dad either...
Another added bonus with the idea of Olivia baby-sitting Eli turned out to be void as she and Don got word that Kathleen's victims were after her with a lawsuit of theft.

Fin nor Eli were seen at the hospital- they could've been in the waiting room. My best theory is that Fin was baby-sitting Eli while Elliot and Kathy were with Kathleen- he was there when Kathleen was admitted and I'm sure both Kathy and Elliot would trust Fin to care for their baby son. Truthfully? I would've loved to have seen Fin and Eli have a moment- it could've been a cute/sweet scene.

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