Friday, March 22, 2013

Delinquent (season 12)

Olivia got a call that Hunter Mazelon accused Elliot for molestation in court during his arraignment. Olivia went to the break room to tell Elliot (who was fixing himself some coffee), but before she could say a word, he had something to tell her
Elliot: Hey, I'm gonna need an hour lunch to meet with a preschool for Eli. Can you believe that, preschool? What's up?
 In the early morning, Elliot and Kathy were sleeping until his cell phone rang. Elliot didn't want to pick it up so Kathy did.
Kathy: It's the phone
Elliot: No, no, no, no
Kathy: Come on Elliot. Don't even think about it
Elliot: Come on
Kathy: Oh surprise, surprise it's your office wife (to Olivia) Hey Liv. I don't know if Elliot told you but he's taking a personal day today
Elliot: Yes I am
 Kathy (to Olivia): What does that have to do with Elliot?...Does he need to appear in court?...He doesn't? That's good. OK, I'll give him the message. Bye Liv.
Elliot: What's that about?
 Kathy: Good news. Liv thinks you're off the hook on a trumped-up molestation charge that you never bothered to tell me about.
Elliot: Some lowlife kid angling for a deal. Why'd it go away?
Kathy: I guess your ADA has a soft spot for you. She's letting him plead out
When Kathy answered Elliot's cell, he reached over to hold her hand. They continued to hold hands until Kathy snuggled up to Elliot
Note: The Elliot-Kathy scene was filmed on the extra last day of filming for SVU, wrapping up season 12. It turned out to be the last scene Christopher filmed before leaving the show for good.
-This episode was the last appearance of Kathy

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