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Bonus Family: The Tutuolas

Teresa Randall had a brother Sam and a younger sister. She also had an Uncle that bullied everyone in the family. When Terry was 16, her father raped her, resulting a pregnancy. Although Terry tried to tell that she was raped but no one would listen and she couldn't tell who it was as it would've killed her mother. Her mother forced Terry to have the baby rather than getting an abortion because she didn't like blood out of the family. Terry gave birth to Darius but refused to raise him, so her mother did while Terry was treated as an Aunt. Terry never liked Darius, she couldn't stand to look at him as he looked a lot like their father and it made her sick. She would dread seeing Darius at family functions and whenever he came over to see her son Ken, as they were very close despite Terry's misgivings. 
About 3 years after giving birth to Darius, Terry met and married Odafin Tutuola and had their son Kenneth on February 18, 1984. Fin started to work for Narcotics and warned Terry that he would be working undercover for many months. He was gone so much that it put a strain on the marriage as Terry couldn't teach Ken direction and how to be a man by herself as Ken turned to Darius as a father-figure. As a child, Ken liked playing toy cars. 
When Darius was 12, Terry wasn't thrilled with him hanging out with Ken that she would either threaten bodily harm or have her cop husband beat him up. 
When Ken was 10, Fin came home after busting drug dealer Tyrone Hart instead of taking his assigned take-home car with the glove department filled with Tyrone's drugs and guns to log them into evidence. He did that a day later. Fin woke up the following morning to find Ken in his car holding the gun, Fin screamed at him. Ken later told the story to Darius (who would later use it against Fin 10 years later at his double murder trial). 
When Ken was 16, a female friend of his wanted to prove that he wasn't gay and attempted to have sex with him. Ken pushed her away, causing her to bruise. When her father saw it, she lied and Ken was arrested for sexual assault. But the case was dropped when the girl recanted. Fin wasn't aware of this until some years later (Fin and Terry could've divorced before, it was never said)
Terry and Ken used to live across the street to Steve and Nina Steinfield (and their baby son Stevie). Their baby sitter was Andrea Boden who dated Darius. He wasn't in love with her but liked how she treated him with gifts and money. She used to complain to Darius about Nina's treatment towards little Stevie and would have him over until Nina discovered the sculpture knife that Andrea gave to Darius as a gift, firing Andrea. During that time, Terry lost her mother to cancer- on her deathbed, Mrs. Randall confessed to Darius that Terry was his biological mother. Terry later saw Darius drunk at the hospital as well as at the funeral and gravesite. Two days later, Nina and Stevie were missing and believed dead after massive amount of blood was found at her apartment; her husband was the prime suspect. Sometime afterwards, Terry and Ken moved to their respected apartments:
Terry: 167 W 131st St.
Ken: 543 W 122nd St. Apt. 14D New York City, New York 10006
 Ken and Fin were estranged during the time Fin was working at SVU. Fin was quiet about his personal life as it was two years after Fin joined the unit when Olivia discovered he had a son and told his partner John while she and Fin were working on a case together. However at one point, Fin did call Ken up after finding many children shot dead due to a religious cult. Not long after, Fin was shot during a convenience store robbery while getting coffee while on a stakeout with Olivia. Olivia visited Ken to notify him (as he was listed as next-of-kin) that Fin was shot and unconscious before going into surgery. Olivia drove him to the hospital to see Fin, who was up. Ken was glad that Fin was alright but was anxious to leave. Fin didn't blame Ken for wanting to leave as he did that himself when Ken was growing up. He could blame SVU or being undercover for Narcotics but he did put his work first before family.
 The following year, Fin and Olivia were at the Green Ballroom (gay) club during an investigation and saw Ken's name on the computer's list. Fin went to confront Ken, who not only had company but confirmed that he was gay. Ken never told Fin because he knew he would have a problem. Later, Olivia turned to Ken for help about the gay party scene and eventually Fin enlisted Ken to be use as an informant as he was majoring in Computer Science at Hudson University to help get access to the list of potential victims.
 A few months later, while out at the Deuce bar, Darius told Ken about how he killed a woman 3 years prior and gotten away with it. Ken wanted to see if what he was saying was true, so during the late hours, he went to the vacant lot. But he was caught by the police and was arrested for Class C felony, 2 misdemeanors but was eventually released. Ken wouldn't say who told him and became a potential suspect. Fin got Kathleen Summers to be Ken's lawyer. The Detectives also questioned Darius- who had a rap sheet of burglary, assault, narcotics- including a pending charge- while he worked at Al's Body Shop and dabbled in sculpting. Ken volunteered his DNA to test with the DNA found at the scene. It was a match but it wasn't Ken's, the DNA belonged to his brother. Fin was shocked to learn that Darius was actually Ken's half-brother, not his cousin.
 Terry never told Fin, nor did she ever told Darius and believed that no one in her family would tell him. The police searched Darius' home and found Stevie's antique baby rattle in one of his sculptures. Darius confessed and led the Detectives to where the bodies of Nina and Stevie were. Except, due to his pending charge, Darius was questioned without his attorney Hashi Horowitz present, therefore the bodies and the baby rattle were thrown out. Facing 5 felonies on 2 murders, Darius wanted his day in court and threatened to take Fin down with him to have secrets and cover-ups exposed.
 While waiting Darius' trial, Ken's friend and advisor Ming Hao was attacked and raped. Her roommate Diane found her in the locked bathroom and called Ken for help. Ken came over and offered his dad for Ming to talk to. He took her to SVU but Ming didn't want to go to court or tell her parents, so she bolted. Ken felt that he screwed up so Fin told him to fix it. Ming's parents found out and moved her out of her dorm room, refusing her to cooperate with SVU. But Fin and Chester Lake managed to get Ming to help make an ID of her serial attacker/rapist.
 When Darius' trial came around, it was a media frenzy. Nancy Grace and Star Jones analyzed the case on national TV while outside the squad was surrounded by the press. Fin's job was on the line; Ken went over to see him about Terry, who got her subpoena and was refusing to testify, she wanted to run. But Fin didn't give a damn as he had to do his job while keeping his head down and dodging the press at the same time. Fin, Elliot and Olivia also got subpoena served by Darius as witnesses for the defense. John and Ken left to talk to Terry; she feared that the Defense will ask her about the father. Fin was already boxed in and all Terry is doing is making ammunition and more pain.
Darius was feeling ill and wanted to postpone his trial but Judge Donnelly denied his request. If Darius felt that he was entitled to a speedy trial and was going to defend himself by sitting second chair, then he'll get his day in court.
On Darius' first day of trial, Terry didn't attend and was attempted to leave the city but was stopped by John, Elliot, and Olivia. At court, Terry instantly plead the 5th but Judge Donnelly said no- it wasn't applied to the case- so Terry refused to answer any questions. Judge Donnelly had no choice but to hold Terry in contempt until she can comply.
Fin was next to testify. He was a police officer for 22 years. During his Narcotic days, Fin was tested dirty twice but never used. Darius used the Tyrone Hart case against Fin to show that he's a dirty doped-up cop; that case was overturned. Darius and his lawyer Matt Braedon also had access to Olivia's illegal money-wiring to her then-fugitive half brother Simon Marsden and Elliot's cover up of Kathleen's DUI. Fin and Chester wondered how Matt got access to the files and discovered that he was meeting Chief of Detective's Executive Officer Lt. Allan James, who had a grudge against Don after 15 years. However, Judge Donnelly had to recuse herself during Darius' trial as she had personal knowledge about Kathleen's DUI to Matt's surprise. Casey still needed Terry to testify- she can give motive as to why Nina was killed.
 Olivia and John believed that Terry was raped by a family member, someone who was supposed to protect her but instead preyed her. Don sent Olivia to talk to Terry. She told her that she's still not over about being a child of rape, hoping to relate to Terry's experience. Terry owed it to Nina and Stevie.
The next day, Terry testified. She explained that Darius would come over to her apartment against her wishes to see Ken as they were very close as he was bad news with drinking, drugging and getting into trouble with a record as long as her arm. She testified that Terry had him when she was 16 after being raped and was forced to have him but wasn't forced to raise him. Her mother died two days before Nina and Stevie went missing. The final question that Darius asked Terry was who his father was. Terry didn't want to answer and told Darius to leave it alone but he insisted. Terry told him that it was her father. He refused to believe her. Terry told him that it was the truth- no matter how much she hated Darius, she also hated herself. It may have been unfair and not right, but it was true.
Darius was found not guilty. After court, Fin and Ken were waiting. While Fin doesn't have to worry about Darius ever again but warned him that he didn't get a free pass. Ken stuck by Darius but after being told to feel nothing about the outcome, Ken couldn't take it anymore and walked away.
In December of 2009, Ken moved to 110 Central Park N. with a boyfriend and started to volunteer at Williams House to help kids get off the street. Ken would have a group meeting at his apartment once a week and the following year, found Andrew Hingham at his doorstep, taking him in. Ken kept quiet to protect Andrew when his father visited him while looking for Andrew. Fin discovered what Ken was up to but by that time, Andrew was gone and was found at the Metropolitan Opera House. Andrew was arrested and confessed to Ken of murder but Ken wanted no part in sending Andrew to jail.
 Ken got engaged to stylist Alejandro Pavel. They first told John to help them figure out how to tell Fin. After dinner, Alejandro was beaten and sodomized, was left for dead. Ken tearfully went to his father for help. Fin would be up all night from the stuff he sees on the job and worried if it would happened to Ken. Alejandro was estranged from his father after he came out but while Alejandro was in the hospital with internal bleeding and required surgery, his father flipped when he saw Ken at Alejandro's bedside holding his hand. The father told the hospital that he was Alejandro's next-of-kin and had Ken thrown out of the room. After surgery and in a coma, Fin sat with Alejandro, introducing himself.
During the Christmas holidays in 2012, Sam helped Father Shea from being attacked while he was with a little girl Sofia Santiago (who ran away but watched from a distance). Sam tried to tell the police that someone else was beating the Father up but one of the on-lookers claimed it was Sam, who also stole a present. The police arrested Sam, who swore he was innocent and that his brother-in-law was a cop. Teresa went to a Christmas party to talk to Fin about her brother getting arrested for carjacking and assault. She insisted that Sam turned his life around despite being on parole for 9 months. Ken called Terry, who left. Fin followed with Amanda.
For the last 6 years, Sam had been in more times than he had been out of jail. This time around, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Fin and Amanda spoke to Sam who was guilty for being black. He admitted being in a fight but was trying to save the Priest and saw the little girl running away. Sam didn't want to go back to prison, he had to get home for Christmas.
Fin and Amanda investigated the case with Olivia and Nick. A surveillance camera tape proved Sam's story but the assault itself was off camera. An ADA refused to help Sam's situation because carjacking is not a sex crime and the suspect is family- something they should've kept quiet. Father Shea insisted that Sam saved him.
While in court, Sam pleaded not guilty. Fin and Nick told the ADA about Father Shea's statement but he wanted to talk to the arresting officers, pointing out that Sam was arrested while on parole. He asked for remand, which the Judge granted. Sam's son Dante didn't want his father to go but Fin consoled him that Sam was indeed innocent. Terry told Fin and Nick that all Dante wanted was his father for Christmas; she took Dante home while Fin and Nick continued to investigate the case for more witnesses and find the real attackers. Eventually Father Shea ID'ed his attackers.
Terry feared that Fin wasn't doing anything to get Sam out of jail- it was Christmas Eve. But Fin went to Judge Peter Harrison to get a conditional release for Sam who will be under Fin's responsibility during the holidays.
Fin and Amanda brought Sam home to see Dante. Amanda was about to leave but Terry and Fin insisted that she would stay for dinner with the family gathering around.
Ken and Fin met at a restaurant where he informed his father that he and Alejandro were starting a family. They found a surrogate and they're expecting a boy. Fin was thrilled, happy to now share photos as his co-workers were having babies (Olivia with son Noah, Amanda with daughter Jesse). Ken enjoys his job at the halfway house and social work.

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