Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Best Friends

-one of his best friends died in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001
-Olivia considered Elliot as her best friend

 -Carol Porter, a nurse at St. Matthew Hospital. Their friendship ended when Kathy told Eliot about a rape victim that Carol treated. Elliot went to investigate despite without a report filed

 -Nicole won't talk to Cynthia and didn't want Maureen to talk to her either
-Wendy got her navel pierced and Stephanie also got a piercing

-Ashley, an older soccer friend who left school after getting pregnant
 -Julia, her best friend and college roommate
 -Mikki Braithwaite aka Detective Nikki Brisling, who befriended her while being undercover to bust a drug ring during Kathleen's self-medicating her undiagnosed Bipolar disorder

-Danny Baker told Dickie that Elliot spent the time hunting for pedophiles as a cop
-Shane Newsome, a recovering drug addict who wanted to join the Army to get respect but was murdered by Harold Moore, a homeless man who Shane befriended and tried to help but he was too addicted and desperately needed money

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