Thursday, March 21, 2013

Affection: Season 9

 Alternate- Elliot didn't want Kathy doing the laundry as she should not be lifting heavy things. Kathy later called Elliot that Janis Donovan was holding her hostage with a knife. He and Olivia rushed over to the house and called the police. Elliot managed to get Kathy of the house.

Savant- Elliot got concerned for Kathy's pregnancy with the health of the baby as she was over 40
 Blinded- When Elliot realized he couldn't see after being seriously injured while being in the hospital, Elliot called out for Kathy in panic. Kathy reassured him that she's there, kissing his cheek. While Olivia and Don spoke to his Doctor, Elliot rested while holding Kathy's hand
Paternity- Kathy watching Elliot bathe little Tommy Keegan; they were getting ready to do that all over again after 15 years. Kathy teased Elliot for really wanting a boy while she thought she was having a girl. Later, Elliot told Kathy that he'll take her to the OB/GYN since her car was in the shop. Instead, Olivia took Kathy while Elliot went out of town to make an arrest. They spoke over Olivia's phone- Elliot wanted Kathy to call him about what the Doctor said. They exchanged 'I love yous'. Olivia and Kathy got into a car accident; when Elliot got the news, he rushed over. He managed to get a hold of Don who rushed to the accident scene to talk to Kathy. Elliot told Kathy that he was on his way- he'll be with her soon and he loved her. When Elliot got to the hospital, he rushed past Olivia to Kathy's room and nuzzled his forehead to hers. Then  he held the baby boy for the first time.

Snitch- Elliot told Courtney he's back with his wife. She was happy for him, she figured that would happen.

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