Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Single Life (season 1)

Elliot and Olivia were leaving their murder victim's apartment, talking about the difference of living in the city and the suburbs.
Olivia: Oh admit it. Kathy does all the housework 'cause you're never there
Elliot: OK, I admit it, Kathy is the man of the house
Olivia: Exactly
Elliot: 'till Dickie's old enough
 Elliot was cleaning out the garbage disposal while Kathy was straightening up. Maureen was on the phone, Kathleen was doing homework, Elizabeth was practicing piano, and Dickie was playing upstairs. Elliot claimed to have installed the disposal properly as the warranty expired to have it fixed. He turned it on and was proud. Dickie came downstairs
 Dickie: Mommy, mommy have you seen my turtle? I left him in the sink
Kathy gave Elliot a look while he looked down the drain
 Elliot and Kathy were getting ready for bed. Elliot was concerned about the kids talking to strangers and his case. Kathy filled him in on the kids' news: Maureen got a B in Algebra and Kathleen's dentist appointment. They got intimate.
Kathy: Elizabeth made you a play-doh ashtray
Elliot: I don't smoke
Kathy: Of course not
Elliot: Oh, that's nice. Where is it?
Kathy: Well, Dickie flushed it down the toilet
Elliot: Ah, little Prince
Elliot went back to thinking about his case while Kathy held him close

Note: Isabel read the garbage disposal scene for her audition to creator and Executive producer Dick Wolf

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