Wednesday, March 27, 2013

5 Minutes With Christopher Meloni

February 2011
Which cases do you think effect Elliot Stabler the most?
Oh, the ones involving children, no doubt. That, I just think, is a crime that he has a very difficult time wrapping his head around.

This season we saw Olivia thrown for a loop when she became guardian to a child. Will Elliot be facing any personal issues that might affect him in a similar way?
Well not along the lines of children. I think he's full-up right now. Five kids deep, so no more for Elliot Stabler, please. Don't send them to me. I can't really speak to that right now. We've kind of shot all of our episodes so no, we're kind of doing procedural and issue-oriental stuff so nothing deeply personal for Elliot in the next couple weeks.

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