Friday, February 8, 2013

Inside the Stabler Home: Living Room/Den

Through out the 12 seasons, the Stabler Living room went through many changes- you would think that Kathy has some kind of interior decorating addiction. 
Starting in season 1, the living room was an open room that shared it's space with the kitchen and a casual dining room (breakfast nook?). 

 The stairs have gone through several changes itself- starting with having 'two' parts with a landing in the middle.
 The fireplace was also to make several changes over the seasons.
 At some point during season 1, the piano was moved to be replaced by a computer.
 In season 2, the living room/kitchen changed a bit and would remain this way in season 3
 Note the fireplace went from brick to white. The walls also changed color
The couches in season 2 are different from season 1- a complete makeover!

 By season 7, Kathy and the kids moved out, leaving Elliot home alone. The walls were now painted dark green.
 The living room always seemed to be on the left side of the house but in season 7, the living room seems to be on the right side. Plus there were doors that open the room from the entry way and there's also doors in the dining room area
 From outside of the window, looking into the living room in season 9
 Looks like some sitting area with two chairs facing each other like a sitting room or a den. The living room also went through chances in season 9 alone in both Alternate and later in Blinded.

My best bet is that the Alternate house was done in a real home while the Blinded house was in a set. This time the entry door seems to be on the side of the house? It certainly does look twisted.

 This is why I believe that the Blinded house was tape on a set: look closely on the right side of the picture below on the window of the right. The window on the left looks like a typical neighborhood yard while the right window looks like there's an uncompleted set building up.
Where's the two chairs facing each other like in Alternate? Even the Grandfather clock, hat stand have disappeared until reappearing in season 10. However that painting (with the orange background with the red print) also has a strong presence in Blinded (you can see it above pass Casey's right shoulder) in Alternate and later Wildlife
 Like in Blinded and maybe in Ripped, you can see the Dining room from the living room in Lunacy
 The Grandfather clock reappears (as it did in Alternate). The house looks more like it did in Alternate than in Blinded.
 I do believe that the same house was used in Lunacy was the same in Wildlife (both episodes in the same season, 10)
 The hat stand is back too, as you can see pass Kathy's shoulder
 Note the fireplace went from brick to white to now wood. The chairs from Alternate seems to be back.
 There's the Grandfather clock back in place after being missing in Blinded from the previous season
 The stairs went from a two-parter to an one-piece, going straight up to the second floor (as it started to look  in season 2)
 That bookshelf with the knickknacks and picture frames is new!
 So far, the living room from Turmoil looks as it did in Wildlife
However the Alternate/Wildlife chairs seemed to have disappeared and a different couch is there instead. Looks different from Blinded as well as other episodes after


In season 12 (the Stablers final season), the Stabler living room seemed to went through another makeover (I believe, like Blinded and the first 5 seasons were done on a set). This time around, everything looked different- there's no Grandfather clock, hat stand, white couches, chairs, bookshelves, table stands, etc that are recognizable.
From the picture below- I wonder what's behind those set of doors? Another room? A closet? Or is trying to look like it did in seasons 2-3?
 I'm noticing that every lamp seems to be on. In the picture below (from Gray), that orange/red artwork disappeared.
In the picture below, note that there's a little side table with a lamp over Kathy's shoulder. The beginning of making up a den? Prior to Gray, the room behind the living room always seemed to the (really nice-style) dining room set. 
 In Gray (season 12) it looks like that the Stabler home now has a den.

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