Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ellen Burstyn to guest on Law & Order SVU

Huffington Post; August 12, 2008

Recently, we told you about James Brolin appearing in a guest role on Law & Order: SVU, as a man from Elliot's past. Now, there'll be even more development for Christopher Meloni's character when Ellen Burstyn shows up on SVU to play Stabler's mother.

Oh, and she's not your button-downed, upright all together mom. She's bipolar, which is to say that she has a serious psychological disorder.

TVGuide.com reported that it learned that Ms. Burstyn's guest role will be very dramatic -- "explosive" -- and is slated for one episode. Thinking about what's been happening on SVU, the major storyline for Elliot has been revolving around his wife Kathy having another child.

The baby has brought the Stablers back together after a separation. Could Elliot's mother be coming to New York to see her new grandchild and something else go wrong? Hmm...

Oscar-winner Burstyn (Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore) has been busy on the big screen as well as TV. She's a four-time Emmy nominee, including one this year as Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series for HBO's Big Love. She was great as Barb's mother, but I think she's likely to lose the Emmy to Cynthia Nixon, ironically, for a role she had on SVU in 2007, as a severely disturbed woman with multiple personalities.

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