Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Birthright (season 6)

Elliot, Elizabeth, and Dickie were playing basketball at a courtyard park. Elizabeth was trying to get Dickie to pass the ball to her but Dickie tried to make the shot. Elliot blocked the ball.
Elizabeth: Pass it, Dickie, pass it! Dad, I was wide open
Elliot (to Dickie): Why didn't you give the shot to your sister?
Dickie: Elizabeth can't shoot as well as I do
Elliot: But you didn't have the shot. She did
Elizabeth (to Dickie): If you would have passed it I would have scored, Dope-O. (to Elliot) Who's that lady staring at us, Dad?
Casey was standing at the gate
Elliot: Afternoon
Casey: Yeah, your wife said I could find you here.
Elliot: Dickie, Elizabeth this is Ms. Novak. We work together
Casey (to Dickie and Elizabeth): You guys look like a couple of pros out there
Elliot: Yeah, so go practice, and you don't hog the ball
Casey wanted a reality check from Elliot for their case in trail
Casey: If you found out you had another child out there, would you want it?
Elliot: You're damn right I would
Elliot: It's not an obsession, it's a love, it's a connection that transcend everything or anything. It's-- I would die for my children. And there's nothing in the world that would ever change that. Ever.

Note: Although it was off screen- Casey and Kathy met; it's the only time Kathy has had any sort of interaction with an ADA
-This was the season 6's premiere episode, Kathy was still with Elliot until leaving him in Doubt

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