Friday, February 8, 2013

Affection: Season 8

 Clock- Kathy wanted to know why Elliot haven't signed the divorce papers; he didn't know
 Cage- Kathy and Kathleen went to see Elliot in the hospital after he was stabbed by a pen. Elliot introduced Kathy to Dani as his wife

Choreographed- Elliot took Kathy's call about Dickie's suspension; Olivia was glad that they were still talking
 Scheherezade- The family attended the twins' confirmation ceremony; Elliot suggested to go out for lunch but they had other plans. The separation has been hard on the kids.
 Burned- Kathy did not hire the divorce lawyer who suggested the 'Silver Bullet Strategy' to accuse the husband of abuse. Elliot used to talk about Kathy all the time. Kathy was concerned for Elliot about moving on with his life- she wanted him to sign the divorce papers. Later, Elliot delivered the signed papers, leaving them in the mailbox rang the doorbell and left after he turned back to see Kathy coming out and got them before driving away. Elliot realized that when love warps into hate, there's nothing they won't do. He didn't want Kathy to ever regret him.
 Dependent- After being cleared to keep his job, Elliot went to see Kathy to talk to her. He loved his job and his family. Elliot nearly lost them both. He wanted to come home.

Sin- Elliot had to cancel a drink date with Kathy to talk about him moving back home
 Annihilated- Elliot thanked Kathy for letting him see the children. Kathy invited him to stay. Elliot closed the door, got undressed, and they made love
Screwed- Kathy visited the squad to talk to Elliot. He could tell something was wrong. They went to the crib to talk in private. Kathy doesn't care about her pride or her ego- she wanted Elliot to come home for her, not for the kids. Kathy was pregnant. Elliot was stunned, down on himself, but planned to move back home

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