Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wrong is Right (season 2)

Maureen was dancing with Ryan Witherspoon at a beach party until she saw Elliot walking towards them. Maureen rushed over to him; Kathy had taken the twins to a friend's birthday party so Elliot went to pick her up. He wanted to meet Ryan but Maureen refused, dragging him away.
Elliot and Maureen were in the car, listening to the radio until Elliot noticed something on Maureen
Elliot: Is that a tattoo?
Maureen: No
Elliot: Where'd you get it?
Maureen: Well, you've got tattoos
Elliot: I was 18 and in the service
Maureen: It's henna. It washes off
Elliot: Why didn't you just tell me that?
Maureen: I just did. You're such a cop
Elliot: Yeah, wait till you have kids. All the little Witherspoons.
Elliot came to a scene where cops were trying to put out a fire, instructing his daughter to roll up the windows and lock the car while he went to help. Elliot put out the fire and checked to find a murdered dead man. He heard a gasp behind him- it was Maureen. She started to cry. Elliot ran to her, holding her and told her not to look.
Elliot went to work, still in his beach clothes. John thought Jimmy Buffet was in town.
Elliot: I was taking Maureen home from the beach, see 2 uniforms fighting this fire up by Black Bank Marsh. I stop to help, turns out to be a body, gunshot would to the head, flames leaping off the crotch. My daughter sees the whole thing.
John: Is she all right?
Elliot: I don't know. Kathy picked her up. I was on the scene all night.
Elliot was about to go out again but Don stopped him: turns out Elliot's job is in trouble for fantasing about killing a perp to the Morris Commission
 Elliot was finishing shaving when he heard Maureen screaming. He rushed to her bedroom, comforting her, who was now crying
Elliot: What's the matter?
Maureen: The fire...
Elliot: Come here
Maureen: The fire. Daddy, the fire!
Elliot: It's okay, it's all right

Elliot had to see Dr. Emil Skoda. He hasn't slept well and was angry. Elliot was worried about losing his job over fantasing killing perps. Elliot had let this case get under his skin.
Elliot: This one, my daughter saw.
 Elliot was making himself a sandwich late at night when Maureen came down
Maureen: Dad?
Elliot: What are you doing up?
Maureen: Couldn't sleep
Elliot: What's the matter? You got nightmares?
Maureen: You have to sleep to have nightmares
Elliot: Right, what was I thinking? Want something to drink?
Maureen: No
Maureen asked about the case what would happen to Michael Goren, who committed the crime. Elliot filled her in- Michael wouldn't admit the whole truth. Maureen pointed out that it's easier to talk to friends rather than to adults, in fear of judging.
Elliot: You talk to Ryan Witherspoon?
Maureen: More than you talk to Mom
At home, the phone rang- Elliot picked up while Kathy and Maureen were making dinner. Once it was ready, Maureen called down Kathleen, Dickie, and Elizabeth. It was Don on the phone with some news
Kathy: Well?
Elliot: The Morris Commission cleared me

Note: This was the first episode Dickie and Elizabeth were referred to as the twins
-On this now-gone official site in the Ask Chris section, a fan asked about any particular deleted scenes that stood out. Chris mentioned about one where his wife gave him a head in the shower- it was hot. But NBC requested it to be omitted 

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