Monday, January 28, 2013

Season 5 Shorts

Elliot and Olivia were on a stake-out
Olivia: One of your kids got into serious trouble, what would you do?
Elliot: I don't know
Olivia: Yeah, you do. You'd hire the best lawyer that you could and you'd tell them to keep their mouth shut.

Elliot and Olivia were talking to OB/GYN Dr. Curtis about their murder victim and her stillborn about how stress can trigger labor
Elliot: Years ago, I was involved in a shootout. My wife saw it on the news, gave birth to our second kid right there a month early

Elliot, Olivia and Casey were discussing parents' reactions to their child's homosexuality
Casey: You got kids, you ever wonder if one's gay?
Elliot: I don't know. I haven't asked
Olivia: Elliot, you know your kids, you'd know one of them was gay.

The Detectives were watching murder victim Shannon Coyle's home video of her choir class
Elliot: Reminds me of Elizabeth's friends- typical high school kids

Elliot and Olivia were looking through murder victim Emily Sullivan's text messages on her cell
Elliot: You know, my daughter text messages her friends 20 times a day

Elliot and Olivia were looking through millionaire toy store owner Billy Tripley with John and Fin
Elliot: This has got to cost more than my family car

Elliot and Olivia found out that college Professor Javier Vega was an ex-criminal and drug addict, confronting the Dean
Elliot: I wouldn't want my children being taught by a murderer

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