Saturday, January 5, 2013

Season 4 Shorts

Elliot arrived late to work
Elliot: Sorry, parent-teacher conference ran late

Disappearing Acts
Elliot and Olivia were being interrogated by the FBI
FBI: How much do you make a year?
Elliot: That depends on overtime, but why don't we say $68,940
FBI: Must be hard to make ends meet with a family of six

The detectives watched tapes of men molesting young boys
Elliot: Oh that's great, 2 men and a kid no older than my 10 year old son

When Olivia failed to get through to Jackie Landricks, Elliot gave a try
Elliot: I've got a daughter your age. I gotta tell you if something like this happened, I'd want to be there for her

Elliot arrived to work, looking like crap
Elliot: I didn't sleep all night. I kept checking in on my kids

Elliot and Olivia investigated a death of a little Beauty Queen Cherie Lathum's murder, talking to a talent agency
Elliot: My 10 year old daughter looks more mature than that

Elliot and Fin arrived at the scene of the crime
Elliot: Detective Dave Duethoren. Missed dinner with my wife and kids. This better be good

Olivia was waiting outside of Elliot's home at night; he arrived from the grocery store
Olivia: Where is everybody?
Elliot: Kathy took the kids to see La Boheme. Pass.

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