Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nocturne (season 1)

Elliot was reading along with Elizabeth and Dickie "The Night Before Christmas", taking turns. However, Elliot's beeper went off, interrupting them
Dickie: Are our stockings going to be filled tonight?
Elliot: Dickie, I'm only going to tell you this one more time: Christmas only comes once a year and it is now February (to Elizabeth): Give me the phone Hon
Dickie: But why, Daddy, why?
Elizabeth: Yeah, why can't Christmas come all the time?
Elliot: Because Santa's credit cards are all maxed out, that's why
 Elizabeth and Dickie wrapped their arms around Elliot while he returned a call from his beeper
Late at night, Kathy found Elliot downstairs at their piano; he didn't feel like talking
Kathy: all right?
Elliot: Yeah
Kathy: How's it going?
Elliot: Going
Kathy: What's going on at work?
Elliot: Nothing
Kathy: You talk to Olivia about it?
Elliot: She's my partner

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