Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monogamy (season 3)

Olivia and Don saw Maureen coming over to the squad to talk to Elliot
Olivia: Hey Maureen
Maureen: Hey (to Elliot): Dad?
Elliot: Sweetheart, what's wrong?
Maureen: Can I talk to you please?
Elliot: Yeah, yeah, yeah, come on.
Don: Go ahead, use my office
Elliot and Maureen went into Cragen's office to talk in private while he and Olivia continued to discuss the case. After a few minutes, Elliot and Maureen returned
Olivia: How's school going, Maureen?
Maureen: It's fine
Olivia: You get your college applications out?
Maureen: Pretty much
Elliot: You're going to be late
Maureen: Okay (to Olivia): Bye Olivia

Elliot and Olivia were waiting for their potential suspect and Olivia noticed that Elliot was being a jerk
Olivia: This about Maureen?
Elliot: I screwed up. I didn't send a check with the Columbia application
Olivia: Is it too late?
Elliot: I don't know
Olivia: Elliot, what is this?
Elliot: I've been distracted

Elliot's mood continued at the squad- his problems were more than just Maureen's college application.
Olivia: Is there someone else?
Elliot: No, it's nothing like that. To be honest, it'd be easier if there was. I don't know what it is. It's just never goes away, you know? Every case gets a little bit more horrific than the last and I go home. What am I supposed to do? Talk about my day at work? 'Honey, today a guy cut a baby out of his wife's stomach. Pass the gravy, please?'.
Olivia: So, you just don't talk at all? That's no solution Elliot
Elliot: Well, one of us has to be able to sleep at night. She thinks I'm shutting her out
Olivia: You are. That's exactly what you do. You keep this up, you're going to ruin the best thing you ever had.

Elliot went to visit Dr. Richard Manning, a suspect, in prison to talk.
Richard Manning: You're married
Elliot: 18 years
Richard Manning: Children as well?
Elliot: 4 of them.

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