Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hysteria (season 1)

 The family was eating dinner with Maureen talking about her friends and wanting her belly button pierced.
Kathy: Don't even think about it
Maureen: But it's so cool
Elliot: Your Mom says no holes, no holes
 Kathy wanted an another child to have a turn to talk, asking Kathleen about school. Kathleen's older friend, a soccer teammate, was pregnant and quit school. Kathleen didn't want to talk about it anymore and ran to her room.
 Kathy was sound asleep in bed while Elliot was awake. The phone rang for Elliot while Kathy snuggled. It was time to go to work.
Elliot and Kathy were having a difficult time trying to talk to Kathleen. She kept locking herself in her room. So Elliot decided to use her soccer practice to explain about sex, using soccer as an example. She needed to guard it with her life.
Kathleen: Dad, I'm a virgin, okay?
Kathleen kicked the ball, it passed a stunned Elliot

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