Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Execution (season 3)

Elliot and George were talking to prisoner Matthew Brotus, who was going to be executed, hoping that he will confess to killing his first victim. But Matthew wanted to talk about their first time; George remembered his first time fondly but Matthew wanted to hear from Elliot
Matthew: Tell me about your first time. How do you remember it?
Elliot: Fondly
Matthew: I don't have time for games
Elliot: It was painful
Matthew: For who?
Elliot: For her. I thought I'd done something wrong
Matthew: You did. You knocked her up. For all your sweaty fumblings you earned a lifetime of responsibility. You look like the type of little bastards running around. How many are there?
Elliot: A few.

Note: Matthew Brotus was played by Nick Chinlund- who was originally up for the role as Elliot Stabler

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