Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Deleted Scene: Wrong is Right

Elliot was taking a shower when a surprised Kathy came in. She got undressed to join him
Kathy: Elliot?!
Elliot: Yeah?
Kathy: You're home early
Elliot: It's been a long week
Kathy: It's only Monday
Elliot: Yeah. Where's Maureen?
Kathy: She's at school
Elliot: I thought she stayed home today
Kathy: I couldn't chain her to the bed
Elliot: How's she doing?
Kathy: She walked out the door this morning like nothing happened. She's you, Elliot. That set jaw, little crocked smile. So worried about her though. What she saw, she's not equipped to handle.
Elliot: She's a tough kid. I'll talk with her.
 Kathy: You were right, you know
Elliot: I was right?
Kathy: Here, turn around, let me do your back. You were right not to bring your work home to us
Elliot: Well, that might become permanent. I'm on the Morris Commission list.
 Kathy: Why?
Elliot: They think I might be overstressed
Kathy: Oh, I have something good for that
Elliot: Out of control
Kathy: You?
 Elliot: Kathy...
Kathy: Have you been doing this with the Morris Commission?
Elliot: Look, you-- we can't be spending money right now
Kathy: Okay
Elliot and Kathy continued to kiss
Note: This scene was supposed to be #21

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