Saturday, January 5, 2013

Burned (season 8)

Elliot has heard about the Silver Bullet stragedy where a wife accuses the husband for abuse to balance tip in favor while he and Olivia questioned a Judge
Elliot: A divorce lawyer suggested my wife go in that direction, but she didn't hire him

After talking to the Judge, Elliot and Olivia weren't seeing eye to eye as Olivia sided with the alledged rape victim accusing her estranged husband, who Elliot sided.
Olivia: ...and I think your current situation is coloring your judgement
Elliot: My current situation?

Later, they were at the squad briefing Don when Fin joined them with a message for Elliot
Fin: Your wife called

Elliot and Olivia continued not to see eye to eye, having another disagreement
Olivia: Especially not one with a dying marriage and a history of violence
Elliot glared at Olivia and left. Olivia got a phone call to meet somewhere
Olivia and Kathy met at the park, slowly walking around. Kathy asked Olivia when she got back (a month ago) and what happened to Dani Beck (went back to Warrants). Kathy was comforted that Olivia didn't like Dani as well.
Olivia: Kathy, what is this about?
Kathy: I just want to know how everything's going?
Olivia: With Elliot?
Kathy: He's what we have in common
Olivia: Why do you care, Kathy? You're getting a divorce
Kathy: A piece of paper doesn't stop you from caring. Not that he'll sign it
Olivia: Look, you can get a divorce without consent
Kathy: It's expensive and takes a lot more time
Olivia: Look, Kathy...
Kathy: Do you think this is easy, Olivia, talking about the state of my marriage?
Olivia: It's none of my business
Kathy: Do you have any idea how much I used to worry that he preferred spending time with you than with me and the kids?
Olivia: Come on now, you know that's not true. Elliot talked about you all the time
Kathy: The truth is, you know things about him I will never understand. That's what I'm counting on.
Olivia figured that Kathy wanted her to convince Elliot to sign the divorce papers. Olivia was his partner, she gave him stability. Elliot can't move on unless he's on solid ground.
At night, Elliot walked up to the house, putting the manila envelope in the mailbox. He quietly left to his car after ringing the doorbell. Elliot got to his car and turned around to see Kathy coming out and taking the envelope.
They saw each other- Kathy watched Elliot get into his car and drive off before going back into the house

Elliot couldn't sleep when Olivia texted him to meet her downstairs. He told her that Valerie Sennet died after being set on fire by her estranged husband, Miles; she lied about the rape, claiming he did it.
Elliot: When love warps into hate, there's nothing you won't do. That's why I signed the divorce papers. I don't want Kathy to ever regret me.
Olivia thought that was the right step. Elliot and Olivia decided to go out for breakfast with Elliot treating since he's going through divorce and has 4 kids.

"The story illustrates the fine line between love and hate in a marriage and how quickly that line can be crossed. It also reflects on Stabler's disintegrating marriage and on the partnership between Stabler and Benson." -(Former) Executive Producer, Dr. Neal Baer

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