Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blood (season 6)

Elliot and Olivia were at the Forensic's garage when Fin came in
Fin: Got a call from a friend at the 1-5
Elliot: Yeah, and?
Fin: It's your daughter, Kathleen. They picked her up for DUI. They're holding her at the precinct
Olivia: Go ahead
Elliot went over and got more information about Kathleen's arrest: she made an illegal U-turn and was pulled over. Patrol officer smelled booze on her. Kathleen never told the cops who she was while being booked until they found Elliot's courtesy sheild in her wallet. Elliot then wanted to see her.
Kathleen: Daddy!
Elliot: It's okay, it's okay
Kathleen: I'm so sorry
Elliot: It's okay...Why didn't you call me? Why didn't you tell the officers who I am?
Kathleen: I was scared
Elliot: All right, I'm sure you were Baby
Kathleen: No, I was scared what you'd do
Elliot and Kathleen hugged.
Elliot got Kathleen released; Kathy arrived to pick her up. Kathy and Kathleen hugged
Kathleen: Mom!
Kathy (to Elliot): Is everything okay?
Elliot: Yeah, I'll handle it
Kathy: I'm sorry...she went to a party--
Elliot: --and you just let her go?
Kathy: Elliot, she is 17 years old
Elliot: I know, look we'll...take her home. We'll talk about it tomorrow
Kathleen: Dad
Elliot: Night Baby
Elliot was about to walk away until he realized he still had Kathleen's wallet. When he handed it back, Kathy snatched it away

Don found out about Kathleen's arrest and confronted Elliot about it. Elliot was about to leave.
Don: What happened at the 1-5 2 nights ago?
Elliot: My kid got in trouble. Good night
Don: Why didn't you call me?
Elliot: Nothing to tell. I took care of it. Patrol issued a summons for a moving violation they bought Kathleen down to verify the ID
Don: After you got everybody to make her DUI go away
Elliot: Okay, what are you saying, Captain?
Don: Somebody starts digging, they're going to find a paper trail. Radio tapes from the sector car telling Dispatch they stopped a DUI
Elliot: If it comes back to me, I'll take care of it
Don: What about the guys who stuck out their necks out for you?
Elliot: Well, they got kids. They understand
Don: That the message you wanna send your kids? That the law only applies to certain people?
Elliot: I'm taking care of my family and given that chance, I'd do it again
Casey walks in and noticed a tense moment between Don and Elliot

Note: This episode kicks off the start of Kathleen's drama for the next few seasons.
At the time of the filming, Isabel was living in Oberlin, Ohio where she was working as an acting teacher at Oberlin college. The show flew Isabel in for her scene

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